27 June 2024

An encouraging snapshot of student wellbeing at Carey

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An encouraging snapshot of student wellbeing at Carey
An encouraging snapshot of student wellbeing at Carey
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All schools understand the need for each student to have an explicit program instructing in personal wellbeing, although there is regular public debate regarding exactly what place the school plays in this instruction.

Specifically, the conjecture often centres on the place the family and the school should play in guiding our children around specific topics. Is it the place of a school to provide a view on topics such as vaping, alcohol, bullying and drugs? Most would agree the school can have a positive input when educating in each of these areas. Then there are those lines that become more blurred, such as whether a school should take a stance on their students engaging in public protests? And then there is the contentious issue of whether poor decisions made by students away from school on the weekend should still be owned by the school.

Schools remain complex environments, with the need to hear the voice of the student increasingly relevant in shaping a constructive pathway. In May this year, 1550 of our students in Years 3 to 12 completed the Australian Resilient Youth Survey. It provided us with an opportunity to understand our students’ wellbeing, with comparison to a national database. The findings will help evolve our learning and wellbeing programs.

The results of the survey showed that 86% of our Year 12 students indicated that they enjoy learning, against a national average of 64%. 78% of our Year 9 students are not on their devices between 10pm and 6am, against a national average of 61% – in part, this could indicate that the line being taken on mobile phone use at school is helping to create healthy habits when at home. 83% of our Year 7 students believe their teachers care for them, against a national average of 70%, and 93% of our Year 3 students feel safe at school against a national average of 78%.

It is pleasing to see that our students, in self-reflecting, are finding Carey a place that enables individual wellbeing to develop. We will remain committed to providing wellbeing programs, from Early Learning through to Year 12 that enable individuals to become more active and ethical citizens in their Carey community, and equally important, in their communities beyond our gates.

Peter Robson
Deputy Principal – Wellbeing


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