2 May 2024

The Carey Community Forum presents Body Confident Children and Teens: an essential session for parents

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The Carey Community Forum presents Body Confident Children and Teens: an essential session for parents
The Carey Community Forum presents Body Confident Children and Teens: an essential session for parents
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As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering dialogue and supporting the development of our students, the Carey Community Forum (CCF) continues to provide valuable information sessions and opportunities for discussion on various topics relevant to child development, education, social and emotional well-being, parenting, and adolescence. The CCF comprises parent representatives from all sections of the school, working in conjunction with the Student Services Department and Community Engagement.

Over the years, the CCF has addressed a diverse range of issues through dynamic speaker events. Past topics have included discussions on pornography, the importance of sleep, cyberbullying and cybersecurity, gender diversity and inclusion, drug education and awareness, as well as anxiety and depression. These sessions have featured leaders in their respective fields, sharing insights backed by current research to empower our community with knowledge and strategies.

Why body image now?

This year, following input from our parent body through responses from a survey link in a 2023 school newsletter, we've prioritised the topics of body image and emotional regulation. The overwhelming response underscored the importance of addressing this issue within our community. Body image concerns and emotional wellbeing are significant aspects of adolescent development, and they can profoundly impact our children's self-esteem, relationships and overall mental health.

Upcoming event: Supporting Positive Body Image

We're excited to announce our upcoming free event, exclusively for parents and caregivers, online on 29 May 2024. Hosted by the Butterfly Foundation, this session will provide practical guidance on how to support our children's body confidence effectively. The Butterfly Foundation is renowned for its expertise in this area, and during the 75-minute online presentation, they will offer strategies tailored to various age groups, from young children through to their teenage years.

Key topics covered will include:

  • the power of positive role modelling
  • reducing discussions centred on appearance
  • promoting healthy behaviours related to eating and exercise
  • intervention and referral information for those in need of additional support.
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We hope this event will equip parents with valuable insights and tools to foster a positive body image environment at home, promoting resilience and wellbeing among our children.

Please mark your calendars and join us for this important session. This free event will be hosted online, so you can watch or listen from the comfort of your own home – read more information and register here.

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