Carey is committed to developing the whole child; young people with a sense of purpose, meaning and belonging, both at Carey and beyond. We want each Carey student to have a sense of hope and an understanding and respect for self, others and the world in which they live. This includes an awareness of a spiritual existence that has a respect for all faiths. This will support them to lead a meaningful life that encapsulates our Baptist ethos, complemented by our culture of service and social justice.

Growth in the whole child is enhanced when they have a balanced life, including a focus on healthy eating, sufficient sleep and adequate exercise. When there is balance, there is the opportunity to more ably explore personal potential. This approach encourages students to recognise all environments as holding the potential for learning.

Futurists believe that education needs to evolve to the point where students are given explicit opportunities to grow the attributes they will need in a rapidly-changing world. A future-focussed education must move beyond content knowledge.

Carey Positive Learner Attributes

Carey has identified three learning domains as central to this endeavour.  Within these domains, we articulate nine Attributes of a Positive Learner at Carey:


The Thinking domain focusses on developing:

  • Reflection on experiences, strengths and opportunities to grow
  • Imagination to form new ideas, visualise and explore possibilities
  • Curiosity to encourage wonder and thoughtful questions

The Relationship domain focusses on:

  • Communication through understanding how to express yourself in a variety of ways with confidence
  • A sense of Connectedness by building authentic relationships through demonstrating integrity, empathy, fairness, justice and respect
  • Building a deeper understanding and effective teamwork developed through Collaboration
Self Management

The Self Management domain inspires:

  • Knowledge of strategies to problem solve and how to search for facts and ideas across many subjects
  • Courage to approach uncertainty and explore new opportunities, ideas and strategies
  • Resilience to persevere and bounce back when experiencing setbacks

At Carey, Positive Learning is explicitly developed in all students from ELC to Year 12, through the Carey Positive Learner Attributes. We believe these attributes will help develop wise, independent and motivated learners who are able to participate in and co-construct the world around them.

The strength of this model lies in the integration of Positive Education, not as an add-on strategy but as part of a fully-integrated approach to teaching and learning, with an emphasis on Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment (PERMA).