Setbacks are springboards – Revisited

‘Setbacks are opportunities for us to reflect and refine, they should not define us.’

The heading and first line from my 5 March Newsletter piece has new relevance in the current circumstances. There is no doubt that the coronavirus crisis presents multiple and differing degrees of setback.

However, even in these most unexpected and challenging times, people are responding in positive, innovative and novel ways. Having all the family home on a regular basis has created opportunities to reconnect. There also seem to be more people out walking, running, riding and greeting neighbours. I am not suggesting the current situation is easy, but we are very fortunate to be living in Australia just now.

So too while many aspects of school are different, many examples of ‘springboards’ come readily to mind.

As some members of the Senior School Parents Association commented last week, they have been very impressed at the level of independence, organisation and maturity their children have demonstrated while working from home.

We have also seen our staff embracing technology in new and innovative ways. For example, Ms Petithory has created a series of short and engaging videos which draw on findings from neuroscience to help students develop as more effective learners. This video will help you create the perfect study space! This has also uncovered (unleashed?) Mr Gregory and Mr Ross’s comedic and musical talents and inspired students to become similarly creative. Furthermore, plans are now well underway to launch Carey TV, which is one of many ways we hope students will be able to share their experiences and connections within the Senior School community. 

We also are excited about the options being explored by student leaders, performing art and visual art teachers for online events to embrace and celebrate creative aspects of student learning. We hope some of these events will establish new traditions that become permanent features for years to come.

No matter how well we are faring, I’m sure we all look forward to an easing of current restrictions and a return to the Kew campus in the future.

Graeme Young
Acting Head of Senior School