Our School Captains 2023

Meet Carey’s School Captains: their goals for the year, what they love to do and what they want for their futures.

Our School Captains 2023
Our School Captains 2023


I first joined Carey at two years old in the ELC. As the youngest of three, and the second generation to go to Carey, the School has played a massive role in my family’s lives. The opportunity of leading the School alongside Charlie in our final year is a way to give back for the incredible experience I’ve had at Carey, through committing to helping make change where needed but also helping to continue the vibrant Carey culture.

I have always been keen to make the most of all opportunities that Carey has offered, like camps, academics, sport or leadership. These opportunities have truly shown me that school is about more than just an ATAR. I have always been passionate about sport, and some of my best memories from my time at Carey were definitely built in the Carey Hockey Team. I was lucky to be a part of the girls’ premiership team three times, and along the way formed so many relationships with people from different years as well as being coached by some amazing role models.

Reflecting on my time at Carey, I can certainly say the Carey environment not only encourages lifelong friendships, but also encourages positive relationships between staff and students. I came to truly realise this during the COVID-19 lockdowns, during two tough years of online school with little face-to-face interaction. It was amazing to see Carey still commit to keeping the Carey community as connected as possible through initiatives such as Carey TV and the community challenge.

Next year, I am looking at studying abroad, potentially at a university interstate or overseas. Whilst my time at Carey will come to an end soon, I know that whatever I do in the future, the experience I’ve had at Carey has definitely given me unique skills confidence and networks and an amazing platform to pursue my ambitions.



It is an honour and a privilege to be School Captain in 2023 as we embark on the School’s 100th year.

I have been lucky to be a part of the Carey community since Year 7. I remember having my first interview in 2017 before coming to Carey with our old school Principal, Phillip Grutzner. He told me that Carey would give me countless opportunities during my school years and beyond, but his main message was that he wanted me to give back to the Carey community. This idea of contributing to my school and its broader community has stayed with me throughout my time at Carey. It is what prompted me to go for the role of School Captain and I am now using it in the IB Programme through Visual Arts and CAS (Community, Action, Service).

During my time at Carey, I have met some amazing people – alumni, students, staff, leaders and many others. Co-curricular, like footy, cricket, athletics and school camps have played a strong part in who I am today. Reflecting on the year thus far I am proud to be a part of fun and inclusive cohort and look forward to taking the skills I have learnt into tertiary education and the workforce where I am hoping to combine human rights with design and sustainability.

Class of 2023 results
Class of 2023 results
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