12 October 2023

Farewell to Carey's centennial Year 12 cohort

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Farewell to Carey's centennial Year 12 cohort
Farewell to Carey's centennial Year 12 cohort
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‘For in every adult, there dwells the child that was, and in every child, there lies the adult that will be.’ – John Connolly

This week, we began the bittersweet process of saying goodbye to our beloved Year 12 Class of 2023. Our Year 12 students have led our school with conviction, courage, empathy and compassion. They have worked hard to ensure that their legacy is one steeped in inclusion and respect, of which we are very proud.

There have been many highlights this week, including dress-up days, the official welcome into the Old Carey Grammarians Association, and our House Celebrations. During these celebrations, the Heads of House, Mentors and Senior School Executive Team celebrated and acknowledged every student for their rich contributions to our school.

In acknowledgment of the incredible growth that takes place for each student during their primary and secondary years, this year, we welcomed surprise guests: students from both our Prep and Year 6 cohorts. They presented our Year 12s with a special gift in honour of our centenary – their presence and contributions were indeed a highlight for many students and parents alike.

A student from each House shared their reflections on their time at Carey. I am pleased to share excepts from two of these: Sutton House student Isabella’s reflection, which emphasises the impactful role that House plays in the life of our School; and Steele House student Alice’s reflection, which underscores the impact of the relationships built through the House system. We thank our House staff and teachers for all they have done to support our Year 12s.

I congratulate our Year 12 Class on all they have achieved, and I look forward to sharing in the Leavers Service, Valedictory Celebration Dinner and Celebration Day with them over the next two days.

Kellie Lyneham
Head of Senior School


Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Isabella and I’m a Year 12 student here at Carey.

It’s been just short of three years since I was fortunate to have joined this community. Two of my older cousins had attended before me, and I’d listened to many stories about their fondness for and connection with Carey.

When arriving here back in 2021, I’d hoped to build some similar experiences of my own that would stay with me for the duration of my life. Well, one particular event is etched in all of our memories, a once-in-one-hundred-year pandemic that swept across the world and shut down our ability to collocate together. Yes, dare I say it, COVID-19. Moving schools at the best of times can be difficult, however undertaking this during lockdowns was really tough for me. I struggled to connect with Carey: its history, traditions, beliefs and how and where I fitted in; with my fellow students, trying to foster new friendships and to feel connected; and with teaching staff, who were often at the end of an online meeting, trying to help me understand the academic expectations.

My self-confidence was delt a blow and often I remember feeling like I’d made the wrong decision to move schools.

What turned my experience around was my House, my home: Sutton. Occasionally, I’m asked about what Sutton means to me. Well, it’s sort of like a warm scarf on a cold day, chocolate cake when you’re in need of a boost, or a comfortable well-worn couch when you’re feeling tired.

It’s my opinion that the House system here provides a unique backbone, one that stands out and underpins the School’s values. The difficult beginning I experienced at Carey was punctured by the House model that fosters caring, respect and growth. Sutton enabled me to meet many fellow students from different year levels and backgrounds; connect in a small, friendly, and safe environment; but most of all, provide strong mentorship and guidance from teachers and fellow students, who demonstrated a willingness to help me overcome any obstacles in my path.

Sutton and the mentorship it provided to me has strengthened my resolve, helped me prepare for life after school, and encouraged me to chase my dreams. It will always be a second home, one where friendship, support, shared experiences and camaraderie come to the fore. It’s an experience that I’ve been fortunate to have so young in my life, and a model I’d aim to replicate in a professional capacity, if I get the chance to lead a group of people in my adult life.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak about my Carey experience today, and best wishes to all of you on your journey.

Isabella, Year 12 Sutton student

These past six years have gone by fast, even though everyone said it would, our time never seemed to be inching closer, it felt like school was a never-ending adventure, but I guess there is a time when all good things must come to an end.

I've been told from a young age that life can be beautiful when you surround yourself with the right people and I can honestly say this is the reason why these past six years have been so profound. I have been surrounded by the most kind, compassionate, intelligent and driven group of people that I was fortunate enough to spend my day to day life with.

I think it's common knowledge, that if there is one constant in school, it is our House and there is no other House I would rather spend so many years in. The bonds we have built, the laughter we shared and the friendships we have made. Our year level has been second to none and each one of you has impacted me in more ways than one. Your willingness to help anyone with such grace, your willingness to give anything a go and your willingness to a give 100 percent to all that you do. Each of you make me a better a person and the person I am is credit to each of you. A story isn't a story without all the memories, experiences, tears, losses and wins that go behind it. It’s difficult to say ‘goodbye’ and even ‘see you later’ to those you have grown up with but I can certainly look back and say these have been best years and have formed the best memories and I can feel grateful I got to share it with even greater people.

To our mentors, what a phenomenal group of you there is, thank you for your unwavering kindness, compassion and support. Your care has truly gone beyond all expectations, you have been there every step of the way, you have guided us, encouraged us and pointed us all in the right direction and I have been fortunate enough to be a recipient of that.

To those of you who have impacted me over the last few years, some of whom are sitting in this room but there are so many who aren’t, I could say so much but for now I will just say thank you and of course, I’ll miss you. I've had the great fortune to be in a House with my dearest friends and for that I will be eternally grateful, you know who you are. Rather than a goodbye, from bottom of my heart, this is a see you later.

Octavia, Year 12 Steele student


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