20 July 2023

Introducing Claire Tumilovics, Year 11 Co-ordinator

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Introducing Claire Tumilovics, Year 11 Co-ordinator
Introducing Claire Tumilovics, Year 11 Co-ordinator
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I hope this message finds you all refreshed and invigorated as we step into our second semester of our centenary year. It was wonderful to be able to welcome our students back into the Senior School last week, and to see so many of you at our Year 10 and 11 2024 Information Evening.

I am delighted to introduce you to a valuable addition to our Senior School Executive Team, Ms Claire Tumilovics, who has taken on the role of Year 11 Co-ordinator. As part of our tradition to get to know our new team members better, I sat down with Claire for an interview to gain insight into her passion for education, her aspirations for our students, and her vision for the year ahead. Let's delve into the inspiring responses she shared with us:

You’ve been teaching at Carey for over 12 years now. What has kept you here?

I am firm believer that everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve. This philosophy rings true at Carey as an open-entry school with a wonderfully diverse program. I love the fact that every student is supported and encouraged to be their best person. Students are nurtured to excel in their skills, whether they have a goal to widen their friendship circle, gain entry to a prestigious tertiary course or maintaining enough stamina to play in orchestra over a week of musical performances. Everyone is valued and Carey and as I consider my career as a vocation, it is the right school for me.

What are the challenges you see facing our young people today?

One of the most significance challenges that I see facing young people today is social and cultural isolation. Young people have become quite insular when it comes to their interests and interactions. The two years in and out of lockdowns during COVID-19 didn’t help and I see that their connections are dependent upon social media. This makes them reluctant to venture outside of this bubble to experience different cultures and engage in family and community activities. The result is young people who are isolated from much of the world that is happening around them and are completely unaware of it. I love nothing more than seeing my students being astounded at new information they learn from outside their social and cultural contexts. I would like them to become explorers of this world, rather than passive consumers of it as part of their school curriculum.

What advice would you give to your Year 11 self?

If I had a chance to give some advice to my Year 11 self, it would be to use hard work to build confidence and enjoyment of learning, rather than as a reaction to a fear of failure. Year 11 was the year I made a conscious decision to try harder at school. I was studying subjects from both the humanities and maths/sciences and found the latter very challenging. I would encourage myself at Year 11 to work on my mindset. To see my hard work as an opportunity to grow my skills and to enjoy learning rather than studying because I was afraid of receiving low grades.

What’s an interesting fact about you?

I am a bit of a soccer tragic and have been a Manchester United supporter for over 25 years! I’ve been lucky enough to see them play once in Melbourne and while I have been to Old Trafford for a tour, it’s one of my travel dreams to see them play live in their home stadium.


Kellie Lyneham
Head of Senior School


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