9 September 2020

Stronger and smarter as a result

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Stronger and smarter as a result
Stronger and smarter as a result
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As we come to the end of another term of remote learning and contemplating an extended Stage 4 lockdown, we are all no doubt feeling disheartened. At this time, it is understandably easy to focus on what we’ve missed and gone without. In the absence of physical connection, this period of restriction has certainly made us all very aware of how important our relationships are. I know that we will all savour and value more deeply those connections we have not been able to fully embrace as a result of our separation.

Alongside this though, let’s not lose sight of the new learnings which have taken place over this time. Our increased skills and familiarity with technology have become a vehicle to connect and communicate the incredible growth and independence of our students across all levels of the school. Let’s celebrate their flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances and their ability to be well organised and self-motivated. The students have certainly demonstrated their power to stay positive despite a multitude of disappointments, to accept the situation as beyond their control, and to take the constraints in their stride.

We also have an opportunity to acknowledge that this time will have changed us. We should not expect to revert back to old behaviours and habits, but rather celebrate the new skills, self-care habits and the growth we and those around us have experienced as a result of these extraordinary times. We will have also developed a greater appreciation for things we may have once taken for granted. I know for me I have missed enormously the ability to go for my weekly paddle on the river or swim in the pool, and I am going to savour these experiences more deeply when they return.

Although we would never have chosen to have so much time this year teaching and learning online, I can assure you that we as a school are stronger and smarter as a result. We have learnt so much which will inform our trajectory for the future. As the dust settles on this time, I encourage you to share with us your stories of growth and resilience.

If you haven’t already done so, I would encourage you to make use of Dr Arne Rubinstein’s tutorials over the coming holidays, which are available on the Invitation to Wellbeing Canvas site. Presented as part of our three-week wellbeing event, Dr Rubinstein’s work will help you with having discussions about wellbeing within your family and to enhance your connection with one another.

As we close out this term, I would like to thank you all for your efforts in sustaining our community. We are very aware of the sacrifices being made by everyone.

School enrolment planning for 2021
To assist the School with its planning for 2021 we ask that you advise us as soon as possible if you intend to leave the School at the end of 2020.

We usually require one term’s notice in writing, however we understand there are a number of factors that need to be considered under the current circumstances. If you would like to discuss your situation prior to making a decision, please contact your Head of School or our Business Office on 9816 1384.

Any withdrawal needs to be communicated in writing (by email) to the Admissions Office.

Best wishes

Jonathan Walter


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