6 April 2023

CRASH: Fostering Care, Respect and Growth through Middle School clubs

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CRASH: Fostering Care, Respect and Growth through Middle School clubs
CRASH: Fostering Care, Respect and Growth through Middle School clubs
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Our Carey framework and the visible domains of Care, Respect and Growth provide the ultimate structure for creating and delivering original and unique programs in the Middle School. Arguably, the most pronounced example of our values in action in the Middle School is our voluntary CRASH Program.

Are you part of a CRASH group? Have you thought about joining a CRASH group? Have you visited a CRASH group? All relevant questions that we ask our students on a daily basis.

The CRASH (Carey Recreation and Social Hubs) program is an eclectic variety of activities and clubs that have been designed to not only provide students with a chance to explore their interests but also to encourage Care, Respect and Growth among our students. These lunchtime clubs are led by dedicated teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach and the activities they lead. These teachers happily volunteer their time and work tirelessly to provide a safe and inclusive space where students can express themselves, learn new skills, and build relationships with their peers.

With over 20 Middle School CRASH clubs on offer, there truly is something for everyone. Within the CRASH clubs, students learn to take responsibility for their actions, show empathy towards others, and develop a real sense of social responsibility. Our programs also play a critical role in promoting respect among students. Within each of our clubs students are encouraged to listen to each other's perspectives, share their own ideas and opinions, and work together towards a common goal. By doing so, they learn to respect each other's differences, develop tolerance and empathy, and become better communicators. In addition to providing a safe space and mingling point for like-minded students, the CRASH program also allows students to learn and grow. Through the guidance and support of our teachers, students can develop their talents and passions, build confidence, and gain a sense of accomplishment.

For the creative types we have Badge Making, Art and Design Club, Makers Club in the Sandpit, Anime Club and Handcrafts, where among other things, they learn to knit. Movie buffs may want to join the Movie Club. For our resident bookworms and interested writers, we have Classic Chats and Creative Writing Workshops. The gym junkies have three sessions a week to choose from, with a qualified trainer in the Carey Gym. History aficionados have the History Club. Committed learners dedicated to improving and growing have Maths Study Hall and Chinese Club. Socially minded students who believe in nurturing care and respect in our community have joined the Gender Equity Club, Pride Group, Sustainability Club and the Ethics Olympiad. Competitive types can also partake in some friendly boardgames too. These are just a few of our current offerings, with another four being promoted for the start of next term.

When Penny Rickard cooked up the idea of CRASH for 2020 and 2021, it was to combat the building works, and associated lack of play space. It has now evolved and developed into a ground-breaking example of a school program that empowers student agency, encourages harmonious student-teacher interaction and provides a platform for students to grow new skills. It is a true example of Care, Respect and Growth in action, and we are very proud of it.

Harry Dendle
Deputy Head of Middle School – Student Wellbeing

CRASH sessions throughout the week


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