17 October 2022

Chaplain's Corner

Chaplain's Corner
Chaplain's Corner
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In recent weeks we have watched our backyard slowly transforming. New shoots, flowers emerging in just about every imaginable shape and colour and the reappearance of some of the fastest growing weed species in Australia. The one constant at this time of year is change. Some changes we await, others we resist. Some changes we plan while others arrive either unwanted or uninvited.

Bible writers encourage us to look at change through the lens of hope, expectation and renewal. This term, Middle School students and supervising staff have had the opportunity to reflect on changes evident in the lives of famous Hebrew Bible figures, particularly Ruth, who has a book of the Bible named after her. Ruth serves as a reminder that change in any and all forms can point us back to God.

May those either familiar or unfamiliar with the story of Ruth draw comfort for the following prayer by an unknown author that celebrates how God is the only constant in our changing world. Let us pray.

Creator God, at the start of this new season, when our thoughts turn again to beginnings, starting afresh, new leaves and the choices made in the past and the reordering of what we value, may you be with us as we gaze into the distance and help us to make the most of new opportunities, to embrace hope and keep dreaming no matter what changes impact our day and to look for opportunities to serve, support and sustain others.

Creator God take our fears and turn them into strengths. Take our lack of confidence and empower us, may your wisdom who breathes life into this world, whose presence is reflected in the icy chill of early morning, as well as the comforting warmth of a summer breeze. Walk with us, guide us and direct us into this season of change and opportunity.

Creator God please keep us all safe during the holiday period. Amen.

If I can be of any assistance over the holiday break, please email me.

Rev. Scott Bramley
Middle School Chaplain


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Our Eco-Warriors are rewilding Carey
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