6 April 2023

What memories are made of

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What memories are made of
What memories are made of
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As crowds gathered across the expansive grounds of Carey Baptist Grammar School to celebrate the School’s 100th birthday, a passer-by may believe it was the allure of the JSPA’s freshly cooked sausages, or the action-packed sports showcase, or the whizzing of the carnival rides that drew the community together.

However, there was something significantly deeper which called people back to the grounds of Carey. For each person, the reason was different – for some it was to celebrate, for others to pay respect to the past and for many it was the opportunity to recall the moments lived out amongst the buildings that now stand here.

In the afternoon of the fair, I had the privilege of co-leading the Carey Heritage Trail Tour where a former Carey student shared vivid memories of their time at Carey and reflected that the years within the grounds were the best moments of their life. From the tone of their voice and the expression on their face, I knew that this was not just a common saying, but a deep and profound truth.

With the alum’s words echoing in my mind, I wondered about the Junior School students, their teachers and families – what memories from the commencement of 2023 have already been deposited in their minds and hearts? In the future, what stories would they keenly recall and pass on to their loved ones?

Would the Preps share about their first few weeks of discovering the joys of the school day; the wonder of learning how to read, write and play with others? Would the Year 3 students be inspired by their opportunity to volunteer in meaningful ways within the school community and take it forward into other areas of their lives? Would the magical feeling the Year 6 students experienced at their Writing Expo ignite in them a joy for creating connection with the written word? Would the Junior School community reflect on their afternoons spent in Houses and the friendships formed across Prep to Year 6 through games, competitions and sharing of simple moments? Or would it be even smaller than these passing moments of time – perhaps some would recall the friendly hello of a teacher on yard duty, a helping hand when a bandaid or ice pack was required or maybe even the smile from one to another as people move from place to place each day.

As I take a moment to reflect, I believe it will be through the retelling of stories over dinner, the photographs revisited and the keepsakes from school we treasure, that we too will have forever painted in our minds and hearts memories that will profoundly shape us.

‘These were the best moments of my life.’

May the words of the alum be true for you too.

Mel Brown
Deputy Head of Junior School Kew – Student Learning


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