8 February 2024

First followers are our torchbearers

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First followers are our torchbearers
First followers are our torchbearers
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As Junior School Donvale warmly welcomes a host of new families into our close-knit community, I encourage everyone to look for opportunities where they can contribute to the life of our great school. Seven new staff members and a new Carey Donvale Parents Association (CDPA) committee will undoubtedly bring fresh perspectives. Their skills and experiences will complement myriad dynamic teams already operating successfully across our unique campus.

By embracing opportunities to get involved in 2024, I am not necessarily referring to taking on a leadership role. Rather, I am highlighting the power and significance of being a ‘first follower’. While leaders inspire change and innovation, it’s the first followers who breathe life into ideas, and transform visions into reality. They amplify the leader’s message, ensuring it resonates across diverse audiences and channels. As parents, students and teachers, we all have the chance to be an influential first follower.

Think about it: behind every great leader stands a cohort of dedicated individuals who share their vision, embody their values and champion their cause. These first followers are not merely passive participants but active collaborators who infuse momentum, garner support and ultimately pave the way for success.

Last week I relished the chance to explore this concept with our Year 6 cohort as they assumed the role of leaders, ambassadors and role models in our school. I focussed these conversations on the notion that first followers play a pivotal role in making things happen and nurturing a positive school culture. They are the torchbearers, lighting the path towards success. The collective strides of our first followers and their enthusiastic participation generates a wave of additional supporters and widens the circle of influence.

In today's dynamic landscape, our first followers serve as catalysts for change by challenging conventional norms and feeding an appetite for continuous improvement. By embracing new ideas and initiatives, they build on existing frameworks and explore untapped opportunities for innovation and growth.

As we lay the foundations for an exciting new school year at Junior School Donvale, I look forward to leveraging off the collaborative spirit that has been such a powerful driving force behind our sustained progress in recent years.

Steve Wilson
Head of Junior School Donvale


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