6 April 2022

Everyone belongs: Harmony Week at Carey

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Everyone belongs: Harmony Week at Carey
Everyone belongs: Harmony Week at Carey
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Harmony Week, a celebration of multiculturalism. An opportunity for all Australians to feel a great sense of belonging. Cultural diversity is appreciated, encouraged, and respected. Here at Carey, we foster a community of equality and respectful treatment to all individuals and groups, ensuring everyone feels welcomed. It is important to recognise how our similarities and differences make our school community stronger.

The central focus of the week was to develop greater awareness that people of all different cultures can and will make a valuable contribution, not only to our Carey community but also the wider society. The conjunction of all our different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives are the catalyst of success, growth and progress.

All accomplishments in society are from people of varying cultures, subsequent to all kinds of experiences. This is worth celebrating, not only for the day, week, or month, but for the future of Australia. Harmony week marks the elimination of racial discrimination.

During the week, smiles were shared, experiences were explained and cultures were celebrated. I encourage everyone to continue this throughout the year, strengthening connections whilst also creating new relationships. We have 365 days every year, the difference is that in 2022 we are going to prioritise harmony in our community.


Student Community Captain

The week that includes 21 March each year is known as Harmony Week, and is a time all about celebrating cultural diversity, inclusivity and belonging. Australia is known as one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world and it is something we all should take great pride in!

During this week at Carey, there was a range of activities in the quad and around the school for students to participate in. There was limbo, a piñata and a special performance from the Jazz Band! Later, on the Thursday, there was an opportunity for Middle and Senior School students to add a touch of orange to their uniform. Orange is the colour used to represent Harmony Day, and traditionally orange is used to signify social communication and meaningful conversations.

Harmony Week often carries the saying ‘everyone belongs’, and is an important occasion for our school community as it promotes diversity and experiencing a sense of belonging. It is significant because it helps bring more awareness to the issues so many in our communities face, and it educates us on what ‘community’ and all those key words we always hear really mean, such as inclusivity, multiculturalism, diversity, culture and belonging.

Harmony Week is a great opportunity to get involved, make an impact, and have fun!


Student Community Captain


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