29 December 2020

Class of 2020 Results

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Class of 2020 Results
Class of 2020 Results
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Carey is proud to share our 2020 Year 12 results.

Despite all the challenges 2020 held, the graduating class have excelled across the board and achieved great success which has opened the door to a wide range of opportunities in the next stages of their lives. We saw our students develop new levels of independence and an overwhelming commitment to striving for personal bests, often overcoming isolation and dislocation, illness, learning difficulties or personal hardships. Carey students are to be congratulated on their perseverance and resilience, and we will look on with a sense of anticipation as they will continue to create positive change in their lives beyond Carey.

The Year 12 Class of 2020 achieved excellent academic results:

  • 21.6% of ATARs were above 95 (in the top 5% of Australia)
  • 40.2% ATARs were above 90 (in the top 10% of Australia)
  • 12 students from IB and VCE programs obtained ATARs of 99 or above
  • The Carey median ATAR is 85.35
  • Our IB average score of 36.5 out of a possible 45 (translates to an ATAR of 93.7) is well above the worldwide average score of 29.8 out of a possible 45
  • There were two study scores of 50 in the VCE.

The 2020 Duces of Carey are Sophie Barker and Angelo Giannakopoulos, who both achieved a perfect IB score of 45, translating to the highest possible ATAR of 99.95.

We also sincerely congratulate the 10 other students who received an ATAR of 99 or above and join Sophie and Angelo as Carey Scholars.

These results reflect the commitment and perseverance of our students over many years at Carey, and especially throughout the challenges of this year. In partnership with our parents, our sincere thanks go to our outstanding team of teaching and professional staff for their expertise, dedication and support of our students, not just at the Year 12 level, but throughout each student’s entire Carey journey. We know our students, staff and parents are committed to enabling each student to achieve their best.

Based on our strong academic results and record, we anticipate the majority of our 2020 cohort will go onto tertiary studies, with 59% getting their first preference in Round 1 offers on VTAC and 86% getting one of their first three preferences. It is an affirmation of the culture at Carey that they will continue their journey as lifelong learners. We know their pursuit of academic learning will continue to be important, but their future happiness will be more greatly determined by their values, work ethic and the quality of their relationships.

Much of 2020 was taught remotely, but we remained committed to providing a robust program for all students with a diverse range of opportunities which allow our students to experience success in their individual areas of strength and interest. We are proud of the way our Year 12 class have embraced opportunities and extended themselves, remained connected to one another and continued to pursue their passions.

To celebrate the experiences and achievements of our Year 12s during 2020, we interviewed a number of graduating students about their reflections on this year at Carey, how they have grown and how they feel this year will shape their lives beyond school. Watch the video here.

We recognise that our students are more than the sum of their academic results and are confident they enter the next stage of their lives well prepared to take on challenges with courage, compassion and curiosity.

We congratulate each member of our Year 12 Class of 2020 and wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.

Jonathan Walter


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