1 December 2021

The arts of the Carey Chronicle

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The arts of the Carey Chronicle
The arts of the Carey Chronicle
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In the last few days of the 2021 school year, the Carey Chronicle should be landing in your child’s hands or inboxes. This publication is a collection of photos and stories that reflect on the year that has been – the achievements and victories, the emotions and the memories, the good times and the bad (but mostly the good).

A highlight of the Chronicle every year is the chapter containing the incredible original writing and art from our talented and dedicated students. You can get lost in their words and absorbed into their meaningful and beautiful artworks and designs.

As a taster, I’d like to share with you a very small collection from the over 100 incredible artworks featured in the Chronicle. The first of these by Sam Middleton, Class of 2021, includes our cover image, and I hope it gives you a feeling of the freedoms to come over the summer break:


‘I shot [the cover] photo at Whites Beach near Torquay on the Surf Coast. My intention with this image and with my Year 12 Media project as a whole was to create an advertising campaign to revitalise tourism in regional areas after COVID-19 restrictions. I tried to showcase a unique perspective of locations in Victoria to make people want to revisit these areas that they had missed over the past two years.’

Sam Middleton (Year 12)


‘This artwork was originally inspired by the cast object paint tube. I wanted to create an image including many colours and interwoven with a diverse range of faces. I think that it portrays the contrast of being individuals with our own identities, yet also being fundamentally the same; this is represented by the paint coming from the same tube. Every individual is unique but equal.’

Amelia Andrighetto (Year 10)


(Polo Zhang, Year 1)

‘The Year 1 students explored the art elements line, shape and colour and how artists used these as starting points for their work. The focus of this unit was to introduce the students to a different way to apply acrylic paint to a paper surface. A range of Indigenous art is viewed and discussed, and the children are exposed to the variety of visual and technical approaches in these artworks. Different Indigenous language groups across Australia create different styles of art, and the dot method is only one stylistic approach – dot paintings are from the central desert area of Australia. In these artworks, the children learnt how to use cotton filters to paint with. Through the repetition of dots, the children create lines, shapes and areas of colour in compositions similar to one type of Australian Aboriginal art.’

Mikl Longstaff, Junior School Kew art teacher

If you’d like to see more of our students’ incredible artworks and read their insightful and creative writing, have a look at page 200 of your digital or print copy of the 2021 Carey Chronicle. You can also have a look at a more extensive collection of Middle and Senior School artworks in our Virtual Art and Design exhibition!

Kelly Southworth, Editor
Community Engagement

Cover image by Nathan Gyngell (Year 1)


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