3 July 2024

Choosing the Right Private School for Your Child

Choosing the Right Private School for Your Child
Choosing the Right Private School for Your Child
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School is such an important time for a child. The subjects they enjoy, the activities they learn to love and the friends they make all play a large part in the adults they grow into. For this reason, many parents find choosing a school for their children to be a daunting task. A child’s experience at school lays the foundation for their future, so it’s a decision that takes careful consideration to get right.

Regarded as one of the leading private schools in Melbourne, Carey Baptist Grammar School understands what it takes to find the perfect fit for your child. In this article, we’ll explore some factors you should consider when choosing a school and help you decide if Carey is the right choice for your family.

Choosing an Early Learning Centre

A good Early Learning Centre (ELC) helps children start their education journey with a confident first step, creating a positive first impression of schooling. If your child is about to turn 3 or 4, now is the time to choose where they’ll do Kindergarten.

The first factor to consider when choosing an ELC is its approach to early learning. For example, what is the ELC ethos and do you think your child will enjoy the approach? At Carey, we believe that children should develop a positive view of themselves as learners and have the confidence to thrive when they start school.

The second factor to consider is the curriculum on offer. What does the ELC teach, and how does it teach it? We believe children are curious and have a natural inclination to problem-solve with others. Our play-based curriculum helps children explore their interests and grow social skills in an age-appropriate, guided way.

The third factor to consider is the environment on offer. Is the classroom environment structured or unstructured? Is there a lot of colour and children’s artwork on display? Is the outdoor environment an exciting place for creative play? Carey’s Donvale ELC uses the Mullum Mullum Creek on our doorstep for outdoor Bush Kinder activities, and the Kew ELC offers bright spaces, like the Little Library.

Carey’s ELC programs are designed to provide inspiring, fun environments where children feel nurtured, supported and engaged in their learning and play.

Explore our Early Learning Program

Choosing a Primary School

Before your child makes the jump from kindergarten to prep, you first need to decide what you’re looking for in a primary school. While there are many ways to think about this decision, we believe there are three main things to consider: your child’s needs, learning style and your preferred location.

When assessing your child’s needs, we recommend considering the following: Does your child need more challenging work? Do they need more individual attention? Does your child need a creative environment in order to thrive? At Carey, our holistic curriculum considers children individually and allows them to learn at their own pace.

Children learn best in different ways. Before choosing a primary school, think about their learning style and how you’d like your child to be supported. For example, does your child need to see how something works to learn? Or are they better at learning by reading or listening? Do they need a hands-on approach? Carey Junior Schools support all types of learners and offer Art, Music, Physical Education, Integrated Studies, Chinese and CARE subjects (Community and Religious Education).

Many parents grew up walking or bussing to primary school and want the same formative experience for their children. With this in mind, location can be an important consideration when choosing a school. Centrally located families often love the easy access to Junior School Kew. Donvale private schools are highly sought after by families in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and our leafy Junior School Donvale is an idyllic place to grow up.

Carey’s Junior Schools at Donvale and Kew are vibrant, busy and welcoming. Our inquiry-based learning approach and tailored curriculum allows each student to develop at their own pace, providing the challenges, encouragement and support every child needs to thrive.

Explore our Primary School Campuses

Choosing a Secondary School

Teenhood is an influential time when children are constantly developing and may be at their most impressionable. Between academic results and community culture, choosing a secondary school for your child can feel monumental.

One thing to examine is how the school develops character and citizenship. Is there a focus on real-world learning? What about social justice and community outreach? Carey’s student wellbeing program supports students during their transition into secondary school and helps to foster positive friendships. Students engage in community service projects and electives that encourage them to think outside their own experiences.

Another factor to consider is the facilities and services on offer. For example, is there a well-stocked library on campus? Does the school offer laptops to support learning? Is there space for music and drama performances? Can students access a school nurse? Carey is proud to offer all these facilities and more, including an iconic sports complex.

Many parents may like to consider academic results and special offerings, like electives, before choosing a secondary school. For example, Carey was pleased that the Year 12 class of 2023 received a median ATAR of 84.5, with 60% of students scoring in the top 20% of the state. Carey offers VCE, VET and International Baccalaureate, allowing students to choose the style of curriculum that best suits their interests and needs. Carey’s learning program is structured to empower students to choose their own pathways while expanding on the core units, with a wealth of elective subjects available to all students.

Our Middle School School Programs

Book an Open Morning Today

One of the best ways to know if a school is right for your child is by visiting it in person. An open morning allows you to discover the school's culture and see how the environment feels to you and your child. A hosted open morning gives you the chance to meet the Principal and hear opinions from current students. While Carey has an outstanding reputation, we encourage you to discover the school yourself. Register for an open morning or dive deeper with a small group tour of Carey.

Middle and Senior School Opening Morning
Middle and Senior School Opening Morning
We invite you to visit us to explore our school and discover why a Carey education is right for your family.


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