From the Deputy Principal

The three-way partnership: student, staff and parents
We often refer to the three-way partnership that underpins our work at Carey between students, parents and staff. We talk about the importance of the relationships that exist between all the adults who care for the students at our school. We are constantly seeking to engage our parents in the Carey community and we offer a range of experiences to support parents as they navigate the complex world of parenting in 2018. Carey parents and guardians can learn about THRASS spelling, how mathematics is taught these days, how to run a safe party for teenagers and many other useful and diverse topics. We also regularly engage a range of experts to guide and support the staff and parents in our community.

This evening the Carey Community Forum will welcome Jan Owen from the Foundation for Young Australians to present Act Now for your Gen Z’s Work Future about the workplace and job market our students will encounter after they finish school. I have seen Jan present several times and find the research she explains and the new directions she describes compelling. This presentation will be of value to all Carey parents and staff.

Another helpful and relevant resource is SchoolTV. Accessed via CareyLink and our newsletter, this is a great platform that unpacks topical subjects with a range of resources produced by experts in their fields. This month’s topic Body Image is worth a look. A recent study highlighted that body image is one of the top three concerns for Australian youth. Over half of girls in high schools have tried to lose weight. One-third of teenage boys wanted to be thinner and another third wanted to be larger. Children need to understand that their body shape and size is not a reflection of their health or success. In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn how to encourage their child to have a positive body image and why it is so important to their mental health. You can also refer back to the SchoolTV videos and resources of past topics as you need them which is very convenient.

Please consider attending some of the valuable sessions to support your part in the three-way partnership with Carey.

Leanne Guillon
Deputy Principal