From the Deputy Head of Junior School

Celebrations and acknowledgement
Term 4 is always a term to look forward to; not because the end of the year is upon us but because of the celebrations that occur. We celebrate the Preps’ first year with their special assembly; we celebrate the Year 3 Kitchen Garden program as the Year 3 students and staff host the café to thank and acknowledge parent helpers; we celebrate our Year 6 students and their contribution to the School at their graduation; our students from Years 1 to 4 showcase their year’s learning and repertoire in the Bumblebee and Piccolo Canto choir concerts; our Year 5 students perform in their Production; we have our Athletics Carnival; our Semester 2 reports are written and distributed; our Year 4 students buy goods to contribute to Christmas hampers for the needy distributed by the Salvation Army; and we celebrate the festive season with our Christmas service and Giving Tree. It is important that we celebrate the good and acknowledge the people who make these many varied and exciting, not to mention highly educational, events and experiences occur. The staff is to be thanked for their great skill, enthusiasm and many hours of dedication to help all students on their learning journey, but also the parents who work in partnership with us as well.

A great example of celebration and acknowledgement was the Summer Concert which took place last night in the Ian Woolf Auditorium. The concert features and celebrates the students’ learning for the year through many musical items. It is the last performance for some of our Year 6 students, and we especially thank them for their contribution to Music in the Junior School over many years. A real treat for all had to be the performance of ‘The Dreamers’, which is an original choral work arranged and written by Australian composer Mark Puddy. This work is in response to our Whole School theme of ‘curiosity’, as well as a finale-styled work. It was scored for three choirs and chamber orchestra: Vivace, Bel Canto, other student singers, and the Junior School Kew Staff Choir. As a staff, we felt privileged to be singing alongside our young choristers – it was a thrilling moment for all. Thank you to our Music staff who worked very hard behind the scenes to make this event happen.

Year 5 Production – Australian Lit-story (The Bunyip, The Bushranger and The Outhouse)
It is no mean feat to co-ordinate four classes of the Year 5 students to research and represent our nation’s history through a production written solely by them. The 2017 production is called Australian Lit-story – it is a play on the words ‘literature and history’. The students have used literature as the springboard from which to research and chronicle our history. They will tell it through the eyes of various important characters and historical events throughout time.

Just last week, as I walked through the Year 5 Centre, I could see so many racks of costumes which always signals that the production is nigh. The students are in full production practice mode; many rehearsals are occurring and the staff are capably assisting students to learn their lines, organise props, scope out where they place themselves on stage, and many singing rehearsals are taking place. It is a production that brings all aspects of English and History to the fore, and the authentic learning is immeasurable. Tickets are selling very well so far, and we hope to see many families in attendance. For your chance to see this event you can book via TryBooking.

The Year 5 production will go for approximately two hours. There are three performances:

  • Wednesday 29 November 12.30pm
  • Wednesday 29 November 7.00pm
  • Thursday 30 November 7.00pm

All shows will be held in the Ian Woolf Auditorium. Year 4 students only will view the Matinee performance, as preparation for their experience the following year.

Assessment and Reporting
The teachers have been very busy writing Semester 2 reports for all of the children. It really is their most favourite task of the year! Teachers use a multitude of rich and varied data to assess the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the children towards their learning. All students from Years 1–6 recently completed PAT (Progressive Achievement Testing) tests in the areas of Literacy (Years 1–6) and Numeracy (Years 2–6). The staff use this data and compare it to other summative testing results and samples of work to ascertain areas of strength and areas for improvement. The students will bring home their hard copy Portfolio at the end of the year. The hard copy samples of work should contextualise for you the learning that has occurred and complement the Semester 2 report. Some children are on an individual learning plan (ILP) and this will have been assessed by your child’s class and Learning Development teachers – a copy will be placed inside the folder of the Semester 2 report. Your child will bring their Semester 2 report home in their school bag, sealed in an envelope and marked to your attention, around the end of Week 9. We will post reports if a student is absent at the time of sending the report home.

If you have any queries about your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to see your child’s teacher or make an appointment once you receive the report for the last week of term.

Chinese Intern 2018 – Needing Homestay accommodation
We would like to provide accommodation for a Chinese intern to stay with a Carey family in 2018. The intern comes to our Junior School each day to work with the staff and students. The family who agrees to have an intern must provide accommodation and meals. The family is given an allowance by the School. The many families who have accommodated an intern over the years comment about the richness of the cultural exchange that occurs, the delicious meals shared, and the many opportunities for their children to practice and hone their Chinese speaking skills. If you are at all interested in having an intern from China live with you and your family for the year, or for a term, in 2018, please contact

Booklists for 2018
With only four weeks of the school year remaining, it is important to consider ordering now for your child’s 2018 booklist. Students in Years 3–6 only require stationery and other items from our year level booklists which are available through the Campion website.

You have the option to create an account or continue without one and order your child’s books and stationery online. You use the code ‘HYZA’ to get into the Carey Junior School Kew booklist. You can pick up the items personally from Campion Education in Mitcham, from School in late January, or have them delivered to your home. The earlier you order, the greater chance of goods being available for your child. If you have any queries, please contact Louise Sayar or your child’s classroom teacher.

Sunsmart = Sunglasses + Hats
Although not compulsory, Junior School students may wear appropriate sunglasses in Terms 1 and 4 during recess and lunchtimes because of the Summer glare, and for protection. If you would like your child to wear sunglasses, please ensure, like all of their School items, that they are named. Hard, plastic sunglasses with the correct, inbuilt UV protection would be ideal. If you have any queries, please contact Ben Dooley. All students should have a hat at school for recess and lunchtimes. If students do not have a hat, they are not allowed to borrow one; they need to sit in the shade. Please talk to your child to ensure they have a hat at school.

Louise Sayar
Deputy Head – Student Learning