Our students will always be at the heart of everything we do at Carey. Our five strategic priorities identify the core of that commitment and guide the School’s direction.

Positive Learning

Carey’s unique ‘Model for Positive Learning’ is distinguished by three high-impact and well researched strategies: Assessment for Learning, Differentiation and Thinking. The strength of this model lies in the integration of Positive Education, not as an add-on strategy but as part of a fully-integrated approach to teaching and learning, with an emphasis on Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment (PERMA). This holistic approach supports the development of student knowledge, skills and attributes which support growth in every student to achieve their personal best. Our Positive Learning strategies will be implemented in all learning environments.

Wellbeing, Self and Beyond

Growth in the whole child is enhanced when the child has a sense of wellbeing. Part of the development of student wellbeing includes a balanced life, with specific focus on healthy eating, sufficient sleep and adequate exercise. When there is a balance, there is the opportunity to more ably explore personal potential, including the development of resilience that can be drawn upon during times of challenge. This approach encourages students to recognise all environments as holding the potential for learning. The Carey Attributes of a Positive Learner form part of the scope and sequence of our curriculum at all year levels.

Quality Staff

The quality of a school cannot exceed the quality of its staff. At Carey our educators are passionate and motivated. They engage collaboratively in and beyond Carey. They are trusted to promote student learning and wellbeing through building strong relationships with students, parents, and other staff members. Guided by best practice they will constantly reflect on and review their approach to student learning. Our professional staff and allied educators work in partnership with educators and parents in providing expertise and service to our school programs and operations. At Carey we promote staff engagement, empowerment and involvement where people can offer their best.

An Engaged Community

Carey is a positive and engaged community made up of our students, families, staff, alumni, future families, friends and partners. We are an inclusive community that celebrates diversity and recognises the integral role the broader community plays in developing the individual. As we approach the significant milestone of our centenary year, we acknowledge the central role of our community in supporting Carey to flourish in the future. A strong two-way partnership between Carey and its community is not only essential to ensure the sustainability of the School, but will allow us to thrive and continue our mission of developing young people who lead and serve with courage, compassion and intelligence.

A Sustainable School

Sustainability at Carey promotes social, environmental and financial integrity. Sound and ethical governance and sustainable plans underpin the implementation of all activities at the School. Central to this is long-term planning, preparation for an evolving social and educational landscape and an appreciation of our threats and opportunities. We will continue to nurture a culture of community engagement and philanthropic development at Carey.