Sasha is studying for her Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) in French, Biology, Physical Education, Further Maths and English, after having completed Geography in 2021. 

Sasha aspires to pursue a career in helping others as well as the environment by following her passion for conservation as the Earth’s climate crisis grows. Aiming to study environmental science either in Melbourne at Monash University or interstate in Queensland, she hopes to make a difference in the world during her career in whatever way possible.

Starting at Carey in Year 9, Sasha has immersed herself in the many opportunities that Carey provides. Being a part of musicals and sporting teams, Sasha has thrived, discovering a particular passion for rowing and, as a result, learning about the importance of working as a team. Sasha enjoys pursuing a busy lifestyle especially when given the ability to help others. She does this through swim teaching both locally and externally, undergoing a unique experience of having the opportunity to teach Afghan refugees the basics of water safety. 

This experience expanded Sasha’s interest in helping others. In her role as School Captain, Sasha hopes to continue to help others and make a difference by aiming to help all students to feel secure and safe on campus. She aims to do this by following and encouraging students to adopt the phrase ‘treat others the way that you would like to be treated’. Alongside Harrison, she hopes to guide all students to build a platform as a school that fosters a positive atmosphere on campus, which will allow all students to feel as though they can be themselves and grow long-lasting relationships both in and outside the classroom.


Harrison is studying his VCE in English, Maths Methods, Physics, Geography and Product Design and Technology. He began his journey at Carey in Year 4 at Junior School Kew and was appointed Junior School Captain a year later.

Since then, Harrison has learnt the trumpet and has found great enjoyment and challenge in the music program. He has also thoroughly enjoyed APS sport, ranging from tennis and volleyball in the summer, to basketball and footy in the winter. Additionally, he has especially enjoyed his involvement with the Outdoor Ed program where he feels he has grown the most as a person/leader.

Last year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when the opportunity arose to learn to fly, he grasped it with both hands and spent a large chunk of the year studying aviation theory and practical training in the air. By the end of the year, he had completed his Recreational Pilot’s License; a prominent achievement in his school life.

As School Captain, Harrison aims to rebuild the connections lost over the past two years and continue to build Carey’s renowned culture while leading with integrity as well as respect. He aims to emphasise making the school feel like a ‘whole school’, with less separation between Junior, Middle and Senior year levels. Harrison wants to continue to push beyond his comfort zone in his year as School Captain and leave a legacy with Sasha that will be built on in the years to come.

Following his passion for aviation and leadership, after Year 12, Harrison hopes to join the RAAF as a pilot, possibly completing a Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical Engineering) and later fly commercially or for the RFDS or Air Ambulance.