Aisha Dunstan

Aisha is studying for her International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Literature, French, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology and Visual Art. She does swimming and cross country for the school, and this year will be joining the 2018 musical cast. She is also an active community service member, both within and beyond Carey.

According to Aisha, ‘From the very start of my entrance at Year 10 I have felt fully embraced and included within the Senior School which characterises the community here at Carey. Whilst I have only been at the school for a short period of time, finding a place and making friends has been such an easy process, through extending myself in the many co-curricular pathways Carey offers. This year I will be participating in the Senior School Musical The Drowsy Chaperone. It will be my first Carey musical, which I am ecstatic about as I am sure it will build friendships and add to a great final year.’

Aisha also says, ‘The best thing about Carey is its ability to offer something for everyone and anyone. In just two years I have had the opportunity to be involved in the French language tour, travel to Bendigo for a MUNA weekend, gone on multiple camps (including as a leader for the Year 8 students), and try a whole range of sports. Through my ongoing participation I’ve realised just how encouraging Carey is through times such as when the swimming team chanted the song in unison before the big races, or when I’ve been cheered all the way across the cross country finishing line. Carey is a place that has truly allowed me to explore all my strengths and build on my weaknesses so that I am as fully prepared for the future as I can be.’

After school, Aisha is planning to continue her studies, with the hope of going abroad for a while. She wishes to travel and volunteer, as well as work as an au pair.

Bailey Wraith

Bailey is studying for his International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in English Literature, Spanish, Mathematics, Biology, Business and History. He plays football, swims and runs for the school, as well as being an involved member of the Carey Debating team. In 2017 Bailey was also involved in the Senior School Musical Les Miserables, which he described as, ‘A fantastic opportunity that Carey provides, and I know it has ignited lasting friendships and an appreciation for musical theatre’. 

Bailey says, ‘Throughout my time at Carey I have been gifted with the opportunity to extend myself in all facets of schooling life. Carey has always supported my ideas. For example, last year, along with a group of passionate students, I initiated the Carey reconciliation group. This is a group of students passionate about Indigenous issues and awareness. We look forward to introducing many creative initiatives which will reform Carey’s approach to community relations.’ 

Bailey played the tuba in Middle School, but has since developed an interest in the didgeridoo and guitar. By no means is he an expert but he continues to learn. This year Bailey is looking forward to introducing himself to many new and existing members of the Carey community. He aims to lead the school with passion and direction.

After completing his IB Diploma, Bailey hopes to study Science or Commerce, but is not sure where he wants to study. He would also love to work and play sport throughout his tertiary study, as a means of funding his desire to travel and experience the world.