Plasticine neurons and a creative approach to a SAC

Students taking Year 11 VCE Psychology have been exploring the brain, its functions and the nervous system. Students have studied the role of a neuron and have gained an understanding of how neurotransmission works along with functions of some specific neurotransmitters such as Glutamate and GABA. As part of their first SAC, they were asked to build both a presynaptic and postsynaptic neuron to further their understanding of how transmission works. They then could use their neuron to reference in the second half of their SAC, which was in the form of a test. The students enjoyed this hands-on task and the results yielded clear understanding of the role of a neuron!

In our Year 11 VCE Psychology class, we had the opportunity to build and label a neuron. In this area of study, we learnt the structure of a neuron and its functions. This was a really intriguing activity as we got to collaborate with our partners in sharing ideas and knowledge from throughout the unit. I learnt that the neuron is one of the most important structures in the human body. This made learning about the neuron engaging and easy to follow, and I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.
Holly and Lucienne

We had to build a neuron for the first part of our SAC it was very fun to do something other than the usual paper test. It was fun to get hands-on with the plasticine and personalise our own neuron. I learnt all of the functions for the neuron and how it impacts our every thought and movement.

I enjoyed the activity a lot because we were able to learn in a different way to what we do in a normal classroom, with the responsibility to know not only the structure but also how the neurons interact. We were able to learn the topic more in-depth whilst still having fun.

Ms Rossiter got us to build a Neuron for our upcoming SAC. Trying to figure out what colours to use and where to use them on the neuron was actually pretty fun. It was an enjoyable task that got us to use our understanding of the topic in a different unconventional way.

In our class today, we had the opportunity to build a neuron using plasticine and many other useful items. We were able to learn more about the neuron through a fun and creative way. This was an exciting lesson that the whole class enjoyed. This enabled us to have a better understanding of the parts and functions of a neuron.
Steph and Eliza 

Melissa Rossiter
Senior School Psychology Teacher