The wellbeing of every student is of paramount importance at Carey. This is founded in our Carey Positive Learning Model.

It is a holistic, integrated and multidisciplined approach providing support for all students through a structure of interconnected support.

Our Wellbeing program is proactive in the provision of learning opportunities to develop the Carey Positive Learner Attributes in all students and is reactive to individual student needs.

All staff are responsible for student wellbeing, and are trained to deliver best practice pastoral care to each student. This enables Carey staff to design and implement the Learning Mentor concept as part of our preventative approach to enhance student wellbeing.

Whilst all staff are engaged in the wellbeing of students, we help facilitate the opportunity for each student to establish a primary pastoral point of connection with at least one staff member through our organisational structure. For the Junior School students, this connection is through their class teacher and at the secondary level it is through the House system.

Each week at Carey, time is devoted within our timetable to our Wellbeing Curriculum. This curriculum is built around our Carey Positive Learning Model which serve as a focus point for all mentors