This term's events with the JSPA

The JSPA is thrilled to offer many different social events to the Junior School Kew community in Term 3. The Carey Celebrates Gala Ball, held last weekend at Crown Pallidum, was very well supported by parents from ELC to Year 6. For those who attended, it was a great opportunity to dress up, dance and meet other Carey parents and carers.

There are also plenty of year level events coming up this term including an ELC four-year-old Parents Dinner; ELC three-year-old Parents Dinner; Year 2 Family Event; Year 6 Parents Event; Year 2 Parents Yum Cha Lunch; and the JSPA Father’s Day Breakfast. Parents are encouraged to check the Master Calendar and Daily Messages for specific event information.

The JSPA would like to thank the Committee and our Class Representatives who organise these fantastic events, which helps build a strong and vibrant community at Junior School Kew.