Your most significant achievement

What do you feel has been your most significant achievement and or a personal quality that you have developed at Carey?

This is one of three questions our Year 12 students are asked to consider in preparation for an end of semester conversation with their Mentor. All Senior School students meet with their Mentor each semester to reflect on the past two terms and look to the future.

These conversations are a key feature of the broader Mentor and House pastoral care program and encourage students to take increasing responsibility of their futures.

In addition to year level-specific questions, all Senior School students are asked to identify two areas they would like to improve next semester.

Questions like these are important and enable productive and rewarding conversations for students and their Mentor.

In preparation for these Mentor conversations students are asked to reflect on their school experience, goals, academic and co-curricular achievements. These conversations provide an opportunity for students to think about their short- and long-term goals and, with the help of their Mentor, consider how they can work towards their goals next semester.

Highlights of each student’s conversation will be added to their Semester report in the first weeks of next term. This also provides an opportunity for students to discuss their goals with their families.

Working to improve performance, pursue interests, provide and receive feedback and reflect on progress is a feature of all our programs and important in all aspects of personal growth.

Our students will describe a very wide range of personal qualities and achievements in these Mentor conversations, showing how wide ranging and varied curricular and cocurricular programs available to students are in Senior School.

Graeme Young
Deputy Head of Senior School – Student Learning