Chaplain’s Corner – Senior School

In life, there are certainly some things we can control, but there also are many things over which we have no control. The people who expectedly set off for their cruise on the Diamond Princess on 20 January this year had no idea about or control over how – or when – their cruise would finish. Every time we get into a car we forfeit some control of our lives as we simply do not know how other drivers will respond. We can do all we can to remain healthy, but there are no guarantees we will remain in good health.

And so we live with this tension of doing what we can to control things whilst at the same time trusting that our circumstances (over which we often have little control) will remain favourable. We know that this does not always happen. No one goes through life with everything turning out exactly as they had hoped or planned. There are too many variables over which we have no control.

Faith helps us cope in such times. To be able to trust in God when things are not going well brings comfort and peace. Not everything does end up well, but somehow God provides the grace to face such difficulties. Some of the most inspiring people I have met are those who, despite their circumstances, live with hope, faith and courage.

May God’s grace sustain you when you feel that things are not as you had hoped.

Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain