Keeping the Anzac spirit alive

Every year, the Victorian Government offers students in Year 9, 10 and 11 the opportunity to explore Australia’s significant war and peacekeeping history through the Spirit of the Anzac Prize. This prestigious recognition encourages our young people to engage with the many and varied stories of those whose lives were forever changed by war.

Current Year 12 student Emily is a proud recipient of this prize for her submission last year. She received the award last month, presented by the Hon. Shaun Leane MP, Minister for Veterans (pictured).

‘I wrote an essay about the courage, resilience and ingenuity displayed by Australians during WWII, as these are qualities that are emblematic of the spirit of Anzac,’ Emily said.

‘I discussed the influential contributions of women and Indigenous Australians to the war effort, through their participation in auxiliary services, war production and military units.’

The respective contribution of women and Indigenous Australians to the war effort often goes underappreciated, but the Anzac tradition must include recognition and celebration of their involvement. We admire Emily’s dedication to sharing these experiences, and for keeping the stories of sacrifice and triumph alive in our collective Australian memory.

We sincerely congratulate Emily on her work.

‘Anzac Day reminds us that the happy and secure life we enjoy has been paid for by the blood, sweat and sacrifice of others. We betray them when we take that sacrifice for granted and we honour them when – with dedication, courage and faith – we live as they died, in the spirit of service.’
– Kellie Lyneham, from the 2022 Anzac Memorial Service booklet

Kelly Southworth
Content Developer, Community Engagement