Positive Education


We will help our community to flourish.

‘Positive education is … education for both traditional skills and for happiness. The high prevalence worldwide of depression among young people, the small rise in life satisfaction, and the synergy between learning and positive emotion all argue that the skills for happiness should be taught in school. There is substantial evidence from well controlled studies that skills that increase resilience, positive emotion, engagement and meaning can be taught to school children.’

Positive Education: Positive psychology and classroom interventions –
Martin EP Seligman, Randal M Ernst, Jane Gillham, Karen Reivich and Mark Linkins

Wellbeing and Positive Education

Care at Carey has long underpinned our School’s educational philosophy. Wellbeing programs are vital in supporting young people to develop life skills to assist them within and beyond the school environment.

Positive Education is a recently developed but now widely accepted branch of psychology which promotes individual resilience in developing traditional skills and happiness.