Our commitment is to develop the whole child; young people with a sense of purpose and belonging, both at Carey and beyond. As a school, we understand that it is our responsibility to continue to build content knowledge in each student whilst enabling them to develop in their personal attributes. 

Futurists believe that education needs to evolve to the point where students are given explicit opportunities to grow in the attributes they will need in a rapidly-changing world.  

We have identified three ways of being at the heart of this focus. We know that all people, regardless of age, should expand their Thinking, seek to enhance their Relationships, and consider the best pathway to effective Self-Management.  

Positive Learning is explicitly developed in all students from ELC to Year 12, through the Carey Positive Learner Attributes. As a school, we focus on nine Learning Attributes which we believe will help develop wise, independent and motivated learners who are able to participate in and co-construct the world around them.  

At Carey we strive to ensure our students are well equipped to thrive both now and in their future.