Year 7 in Middle School is a mix of students from schools other than Carey, those transferring from Carey Donvale, and those moving up from the Junior School at Kew.

It is an exciting time, but transition from primary school is a process that needs to be handled with great care. At Carey, it commences in the year prior to entry. By arrangement with parents and the Principal of the relevant school, students transferring to Middle School are visited in their primary schools by a staff member and one or two of the current Year 8 students.

Our aim is that by the time the first day of school arrives, the new students will already feel part of the Middle School.

Students from Carey Donvale and the Junior School Kew spend time in Middle School before the end of the preceding year, familiarising themselves with some of the new routines and expectations.

All future Year 7 students attend an Orientation Day in late November to meet their Head of House, fellow House members and enjoy a fun day of activities based at the Kew campus, including visiting the Bulleen Sports Complex.