A special year, the beginning of formal education

Prep is a special year and the beginning of formal education. A carefully designed Prep Centre supports the children to transition from Kindergarten to School with ease. A shared space between our three Prep classes is set up for the children to start their day with stimulating play activities related to investigations in the classroom and also provides for the discrete withdrawal of small groups for focussed support when needed. The play area fosters both imaginative and co-operative play. This facility, along with expert teachers, maximises the opportunity for children to thrive in their first year at school.

Years 1 and 2

Building the foundations

In Years 1 and 2, the foundations in literacy and numeracy need to be firmly laid and this is why we call them our Foundation Years. We have a rigorous program that is distinguished by a balanced approach of explicit teaching and inquiry. Our classroom teachers and students are well supported and resourced by Learning Development teachers and expert co-ordinators who assist with meeting the individual needs of all students.