Talent Development

Talent Development programs at Carey allow students to maintain curiosity, creativity and motivation by fostering their skills in thinking and research, and providing extension in their area of talent.

Through individual programs, small groups, whole-class and whole-school activities, students are supported to reach their academic and personal goals. In addition, students' talents are catered for in the following ways:

  • provision is made in mainstream subjects with advanced groupings in all subject areas
  • students may participate in externally run programs such as the Maths Talent Quest, Science Talent Search and Tournament of Minds
  • subject differentiation where appropriate
  • enrichment within subject area
  • extension within subject area

As an open entry school, Carey attracts students with a wide range of abilities. At any given time, the school population includes students who require specialist intervention and provision beyond the classroom.Carey is committed to discovering and providing the best learning conditions for all students with special needs, in an environment that promotes intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Learning Development in the Middle School assists students who require more time and attention to consolidate and develop their skills. Those with learning difficulties, social and emotional problems or physical disabilities have their special needs catered for within classrooms and in individual or small group situations. Trained special education teachers assist in identifying needs through contact with parents, classroom observation by teachers and by formal testing. Relevant information is provided to teaching staff in relation to appropriate methods, materials and classroom content to cater for a variety of learning styles, motivation and ranges of academic ability. In addition, Learning Development teachers collaborate with subject teachers to assist individual students, as well as playing an active role in the development and teaching of foundation literacy skills.

For more information about Talent and Learning Development, please refer to Pathways at Carey.