Year 3

Understanding Sustainability from the Garden to the table

We are committed to experiential learning that provides hands on activities in real world situations, as it both motivates and promotes meaning for students.  Our Year 3 program ‘Understanding Sustainability, From The Garden To The Table’ is a good example of this. Students explore what it means to live more sustainably in an urban environment through doing. The students are responsible for monitoring the use of power in Junior School, collecting and recycling waste paper and fruit snacks. They learn how to grow and maintain a productive vegetable garden and cook their produce, absorbing rich cultural traditions with the support of a passionate gardener and cook. We aim to instil habits and interests that become lifelong.

Year 4

Understanding how digital technology is changing the way we communicate

Developing independent learners in the 21st Century requires the ability to navigate the digital world confidently. Our 1:1 iPad program, starting at Prep, supports this through integrating technology seamlessly throughout the learning program. In Year 4, the overarching theme is ‘Understanding How Digital Technology Is Changing The Way We Communicate’. The students learn how the media can manipulate what we see, hear and think, and create their own persuasive films and texts. Through explicit teaching, we support all of our students to develop safe, responsible and ethical behaviour online.