How many students are in your Senior School?
There are approximately 850 students in Years 10–12, with 280 at each year level.

How big are your classes?
Class sizes in Senior School vary depending on the number of students who select a subject, but there are never usually more than 20–22 in a VCE English class, for example.

Is there a gender balance?
We maintain an even gender balance in the Senior School. The gender balance in each class, however, depends on the students who have selected that subject.

Are there opportunities for leadership?
In Year 12, student leadership positions are available across the School, both in terms of House Captaincies and the following portfolios: Performing Arts, Music, Sport, CLOSA and New Students, School Community, Community Service.

Do you offer University Extension programs or VET classes?
Yes. More information about our Senior School extension and VET programs can be found in the Senior School Curriculum pages on Pathways at Carey.

  • Pathways – University Extension Program
  • Pathways – Senior School Curriculum Information

What learning support is available?
Teachers at Carey all monitor their students carefully. If a student is identified as having special learning needs, they will be referred to our Learning Skills Unit for individual assistance, testing and support. Learning Skills staff members also support our classroom teachers in tailoring their teaching programs to suit students with specific needs.

Do your Year 12s receive high ATARs and receive places at top universities?
Yes. Carey’s Year 12 results consistently place us among the top schools in the state. More information on our latest results can be found on the Results and Tertiary Placements page.