How many classes are there at each year level?
There are three classes at each year level from Prep to Year 4 at the Kew Campus and two classes at each year level at Donvale. There are 4 classes at Year 5 and 6 at the Kew Campus.

What are the class sizes?
At our Junior School Kew, classes are capped at:

  • Prep–Year 2: 23 students
  • Years 3–4: 24 students
  • Years 5–6: 26 students

At our Junior School Donvale, classes are capped at:

  • Prep–Year 2: 18 students
  • Years 3–4: 20 students
  • Years 5–6: 22 students

What are your intake years at ELC and Junior School levels?
Our main entry levels for the Junior School are 3-year-old ELC, Prep and Year 5. 

How do you cater for children’s individual learning needs?
We monitor all of our students’ development very closely. Children who are identified as having special learning needs are catered for by the classroom teachers with the support from Learning Development staff and allied educators. Individual Learning Plans are created, with clearly defined learning goals, how they are going to be achieved both at school and at home. Year level teachers also plan together weekly to meet the needs of the students, with the support of expert curriculum leaders and Learning Development staff. 

What subjects do Junior School students study?
Junior School students study English, Mathematics, Art, CARE (Community and Religious Education), Library, Chinese, Music, Physical Education and Integrated Studies.

What are Integrated Studies?
Integrated Studies address skills, concepts and understandings from the disciplines of Humanities (History, Geography Economics), Physical, Personal and Social Learning (Health, Interpersonal Development, Civics and Citizenship) and Science. The purpose of each unit is to develop the students’ understanding of their world. Integrated Curriculum is delivered through an inquiry-based approach that explicitly teaches the skills, knowledge and values within each key learning area. Students are taught skills to help them identify their information needs, pose their own questions, select appropriate resources, locate, organise and present relevant information and assess the effectiveness of their research.

Do Junior School students do homework?
We have a Junior School homework program that aims to provide positive communication between the School and the home, promote an understanding of the School program, and foster independent, regular study habits. From Prep to Year 2, this involves daily reading to the student, by the student and with the student. In Years 3 to 6, homework tasks will be set to help students develop regular study habits, but we set time limits on this work: Years 3 and 4 – 20 minutes, Year 5 – 30 minutes, and Year 6 – 40 minutes.

Can I transfer my child from one Junior School campus to the other?
No. Transfer of enrolment between Junior School campuses is not School policy.

Are there scholarships for Junior School?
No, we do not have scholarships for Junior School.