The educational journey at Junior School Kew is one of discovery that provides the foundations for developing wise, independent learners.

Equipping our students with the skills and understandings to be confident problem-solvers and contributors to the 21st century drives the educational journey at the Junior School. Prep is a special year as it marks the beginning of a child’s formal education and is the start of what we call the foundation years (Prep to Year 2). During these years the focus is on laying strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, which underpins all learning.

This is built on and refined in the middle and upper primary years with an emphasis on developing creativity and thinking skills. In Year 3 the ‘From the Garden to the Table; Understanding Sustainability’ focus provides opportunities for our students to experience what it means to live sustainably. They grow and maintain a beautiful vegetable garden, cook their produce and are responsible for the recycling program across the Junior School. They monitor the School’s use of power and paper and report regularly to Assembly on excellent supporters of sustainable practice and on ‘hot spot areas’.

In Year 4 ‘Using Technology To Communicate’ students explore and develop skills in using and understanding how digital technologies can enhance communication, manipulate and persuade.

In Year 5 as part of ‘Understanding The Past And What Makes Community’, the students investigate how our history shapes what we are today. They look at economic forces that create a community market and actually conduct their own!

In Year 6, ‘Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders,’ students explore leadership historically, in government and most importantly through personal development in preparation for Middle School, with Leadership conferences held alongside their fellow Donvale students, and a focus on a ‘ Passion Project’ to research, develop and present.

Facilities and Programs

Facilities and programs in the Junior School are continually upgraded and maintained to the highest standard. Prep children commence their formal education in their own designated Prep Centre. This purpose-built environment allows them to learn, discover and explore together without being overshadowed by the older children. Classrooms in the SL Hickman Building open onto broad corridors where artwork by students is displayed, and the LH Evans Library comprises the best in children’s literature and the latest resource technology. Staff encourage students to become independent researchers and recreational readers, and arrange special events and visits from authors and illustrators that bring literature to life.