Year 3

Community and Environment

We are committed to experiential learning that provides hands-on activities in real world situations, as it both motivates and promotes meaning for students.
From the students’ research, they develop knowledge about their community and environment, and a sense that individuals’ contributions can care for and improve the environment, their own lives and the lives of others. They participate in community, school and home-based projects designed to protect and care for the natural and built environment and promote the sustainable management of resources that they use. The children have their first off-campus outdoor education experience with two days at Portsea, engaging in co-operative team activities and investigating the water environment, the life it sustains and the communities that assist in its preservation as part of their integrated investigations. Their research, investigations and activities lay the groundwork for the leadership positions that they undertake as Enviro Captains in Year 4. Year 3 provides all students with the opportunity to experience a string instrument, with expert instruction provided by accomplished instrumental teachers.

Year 4

Understanding sustainability and Environment

Year 4 continues the experiential learning with students exploring what it means to live sustainably, leading the campus in sustainable practices as the Enviro Captains. The students are responsible for monitoring the use of power at Carey Donvale, collecting and recycling waste, composting and ensuring the health of the worm farms. They propagate indigenous plants with their ELC Buddies that are raised and planted around the campus, and work with the local council on community planting projects around the Mullum Mullum area. The Year 4 cohort supervise the maintenance of the vegetable gardens, with grade levels benefiting from the seasonal produce, using it in cooking activities associated with rich cultural traditions. They experience the thrill of producing Hydrogen during the Hydrogen Fuel Cell program, teaming up to design and create a car powered by this alternative fuel source. With this rich, hands-on curriculum we aim to instill habits and interests that become lifelong.