A special year, the beginning of formal education

Prep is a special year and the beginning of formal education. A carefully designed Prep area supports the children to transition from Kindergarten to school with ease. The Prep rooms are connected learning spaces with specific areas where staff provide stimulating play activities related to investigations in the classroom and which foster both imaginative and co-operative play. The designated areas also provide for small groups involved in focussed support activities. Parents are involved in their children’s learning during class time through PMP (Perceptual Motor Program which assists literacy development) and twice weekly Learning Centres. These Learning Centres involve literacy and numeracy activities focussing on differentiated learning. Prep sees the commencement of the Chinese program that continues throughout their primary years. The Prep area, along with expert teachers, maximizes the opportunity for children to thrive in their first year at school.

Year 1 and 2

Building the foundations

In Years 1 and 2, the foundations in literacy and numeracy need to be firmly laid and this is why we call them our Foundation Years. We have a rigorous program that is distinguished by a balanced approach of explicit teaching and inquiry. Our classroom teachers and students are well supported and resourced by Learning Development and expert co-ordinators who assist with meeting the individual needs of all students. These years investigate aspects of community and how they interrelate and support one another, particularly in light of our overriding school rule, 'Take Care that Everyone is Safe, Happy and Learning.' Year 1 builds on developing independent learners in the 21st century requiring the ability to navigate the digital world confidently. Our 1:1 iPad program, starting in Prep, supports this by integrating technology seamlessly throughout the learning program. Through explicit teaching, we support all of our students to develop safe, responsible and ethical behaviour online. Year 2 also sees the students involved in the commencement of our camping program with a sleepover on campus, as well as a recorder program that is an aspect of the Music curriculum.