Middle School’s range of opportunities for student cultural exchanges with schools in other countries increases year by year.

These stretch from Canada to England, Indonesia, New Zealand and the USA.

Generally, the family of a student who travels on exchange hosts a reciprocal visit later in the year.

We currently offer overseas cultural exchanges to:

Robinson River

Robinson River is a small, remote Indigenous community of approximately 200 people in the Northern Territory. In recent years, Carey has established a special relationship with the people of Robinson River and now conducts an annual trip where a small number of Year 6 and Year 9 students have the opportunity to visit the community.

Carey is committed to the empowerment and development of Indigenous communities around Australia and, by allowing students to engage with Indigenous Australians in Robinson River, it seeks to play a part in achieving true reconciliation.

Understanding that educational opportunities are paramount in achieving such reconciliation, Carey now places a teacher from its Kew campus as an assistant in the Robinson River School for one or two terms each year.

The relationship continues with a return trip, usually at the end of Term 3, with a group of students and two staff from the Robinson River School spending time at Carey, within our community.