18 August 2021

Chaplain's Corner – Senior School

Chaplain's Corner – Senior School
Chaplain's Corner – Senior School
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We all need to hear some good news, because so much of what we are hearing at the moment is not good. I read with dismay what is presently happening in Afghanistan, the COVID-19 numbers in Victoria are not going down as we would like, and in NSW things are fairly much out of control. And each of us would have a story of how the restrictions are impacting us and the people we love.

The cumulative impact of the lockdowns we have experienced in Victoria is no doubt having an effect on us all. I am reminded during this time of the Serenity Prayer, which has three lines:

Lord help me to accept the things I cannot change. There are many things happening now over which we have no control. We then have a choice: either become angry and frustrated, or ask for God to give us the grace to accept the things we cannot change. The first response (though understandable) will negatively impact the way we relate to others. The second response will enable us to bring peace to those closest to us. Acceptance releases angst and brings calm.

Lord, help me change the things I can change. Whilst we have lost a significant level of control from our lives, we still do have some choices. We can choose to be kind to others as well as ourselves, we can choose to think of others, we can choose to make the most of what we have. We can choose to put some perspective into our thinking (for example, considering the situation in Afghanistan) and, whilst that will not change our circumstances, it will change our thinking.

Lord, grant me the wisdom to know the difference. We all need the gift of wisdom to accept what we cannot change and to change what we can. Some people lack the commitment to change their attitudes and to reorientate their thinking. They have the ability but not the desire to change. Others, like the protesters who gather whenever a new lockdown is announced, think that their actions will bring about change. They won’t.

There is no denying these are difficult days for all of us. For some, these days are more difficult than for others. Yet together as we support one another, we will get through this. We may all carry some scars, but we will get through.

May God’s peace and blessing be upon all the Carey community. May we discover in the midst of this season that God’s grace is always sufficient for us all.


Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain


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