12 October 2023

Dusty’s dichotomy

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Dusty’s dichotomy
Dusty’s dichotomy
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Welcome to Term 4 and a particularly warm greeting to our new Middle School families. Any significant change always brings a tidal wave of emotions; from the exuberance felt following a brilliant conversation with a potential new friend to the despair of the seemingly disastrous timetable misread and subsequent missing of the PE bus. We hope that, before too long, those emotions are more positive than negative and gently ebb and flow into summer.

While Michael and Sally Nelson enjoy a period of long service leave, there have been some changes in staffing. We are excited that David Martin and Rachel Gray have stepped into leadership roles in the Middle School. David is our new Deputy Head – Student Learning. He brings a wealth of experience as a cherished leader of our large English Learning Area, a keen interest in the impact of artificial intelligence will have on education, and a hope that all students can articulate what they have learnt each and every day. Rachel will lead Integrated and Immersive Learning. As a previous Head of House and C-Change teacher, Rachel brings experience, organisation and empathy, and the Year 9 students are very lucky to have her leading their upcoming three-week program.

Term 4 in Middle School is always full of action, and last week was no exception. The House Fun Run was an outstanding afternoon; a great community builder, terrific for fitness, and a real-life experience of gaining energy as you get close to reaching your goal! Excursions included the Year 9 STEAM plastics recycling trip, the Year 8 Changemakers CERES excursion and the first of the Year 8s heading to Cape Schank for geography. Middle School students have also been involved in the evening of Jazz in the Quad, the Art and Design Exhibition, Year 7 Connections Day and the Year 12 Farewells. Many other significant events are scheduled in Term 4, including House Theatre Sports; Charlotte’s Web, our Middle School play; Year 7 Transformative Repair Art project; the appointment of Year 8s to leadership positions; Year 9 final assessments; and our end-of-year program. Please keep a close eye on Consent2Go as your timely responses are a major help to our wonderful admin team.

I mentioned in assembly that my dog, Dusty, with his black and white face, ‘sort of’ likes going to the boarding kennels – dinner arrives nice and early, but on the other hand, there is no backyard cricket! I too have experienced the wave of emotions in taking the Head of School role. I have the feelings of excitement and honour, plus the daunting sense of filling some very big shoes. Your wonderful Middle Schoolers seem to have related to this very much. Many have stopped to have a chat, check that the job is going okay, and have kindly offered to help! We seem all set to have a wonderful term of learning and working together.

Meredith Plaisted
Acting Head of Middle School


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