30 November 2023

The Warmbrunn Cup

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The Warmbrunn Cup
The Warmbrunn Cup
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Our Middle School House competition, once again, stood out as a major highlight for our Middle School students this year. Separating for the second year in a row, both the Middle School and Senior School established their own unique legacies. Throughout the year the rivalry was intense, with outcomes too tight to easily determine.

Kicking off with House Swimming, Cartwright showcased their continued pool prowess, echoing their previous success and securing numerous relay victories. This strong start bolstered Cartwright's confidence, setting the stage for further achievements. Still in Term 1 we moved to Summer Sports Day, featuring a plethora of sports and activities. The competition was incredibly tight, with Hickman showcasing their strength in tennis, cricket, and netball. Through their success in these events, Hickman capitalised on available points, seizing the lead from Cartwright.

The House cup isn't solely centred on sports and athleticism; it also emphasises singing, dancing, and collaborative efforts. Among the events highlighting our emphasis on relationships in the Middle School, House Music stands out. Yet again, the bar was set high, and the competition was close. Despite the challenge of only three weeks for preparation, the singing stayed mostly in tune, and the dancing appeared remarkably choreographed—defying expectations. While it appeared too close to call for those not deeply involved, it was Hickman that reaffirmed their dominance. They were swiftly emerging as the triple threat.

We then moved on to Winter Sports Day, taking place on a freezing winter day, where Houses fielded complete teams with minimal student absences. Within Moore House, there were murmurs about the unusual behaviour of their Head of House, Mr Greg Warmbrunn. Sensing something amiss, the House united and strengthened their bond as a cohesive unit. Moore emerged as an indomitable force during the competition, effortlessly surpassing the other Houses. And indeed, the suspicions were correct – Mr Warmbrunn was on the brink of announcing his retirement.

Quoting the legendary Vince Lombardi, ‘Winning isn't everything, but the desire to win is.’ This encapsulates the spirit of the formidable Steele House, which refuses to stay subdued for long. Steele reaffirmed their athletic dominance by effortlessly surpassing the competition on Athletics Day. As the House Fun Run loomed closer, a collective unease reverberated among the Houses.

Our most recent athletic event, the Fun Run, underwent a complete redesign aimed at maximising student participation and effort. The Fun Run now comprises two components: the conventional two-kilometre Fun Run and ‘The Race’, a fiercely competitive four-kilometre time trial. Once more, a closely contested competition unfolded, yet the dominant force of Dunshea emerged victorious in their orange colours. Dunshea deserves significant acclaim, not just for their triumph in the competitive race but also for achieving 100% student involvement, emphasising the utmost importance of participation.


Our most recent competition delved into the realm of thespians once again. Theatre Games demanded immense courage and creativity from its participants. While some Houses struggled to recruit volunteers, one House had an overflow of willing participants. Newnham stood out as a formidable presence in Theatre Games. They consistently showcased high levels of creativity and, crucially, fostered a closely bonded team dynamic by wholeheartedly embracing each other's ideas throughout the competition. With their fearless leader Mr Whitley leaving them for overseas adventures, they responded by expertly by the winning Theatre Games.

Following a year of intense and closely contested battles, the remarkable Hickman emerged victorious, claiming the Middle School House Cup. Celebrating their win, they promptly began preparations for the upcoming year. Notably, the Middle School House Cup will undergo a renaming process in honour of a retiring and esteemed teacher, Mr Greg Warmbrunn. Henceforth, it will be known as the Warmbrunn Cup, a name deemed fitting by the consensus of staff, students and, undoubtedly, parents.

Harry Dendle
Deputy Head of Middle School – Student Wellbeing


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