19 August 2020

Music thriving in iso

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Music thriving in iso
Music thriving in iso
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With the challenges of being separated and remote learning occurring, Junior School musicians continue to grow and develop independently. Students are sharing their learning in their time of 'iso' in virtual soirees, as well as submitting videos of their current progress for our online assemblies.

Congratulations to all students who continue to work in this environment and bring joy to those around them through their music.

Year 2 Strings
After picking up their instruments from the turning circle in a drive-by collection, our students have been learning how to play their instrument remotely! Each student has their own 'SSS' (Special String Session) and receive a one-on-one lesson with their string teacher each week. Once a fortnight, each Year 2 class meets on Canvas and they share their learning with each other. There have been some challenges, however Year 2 are progressing well with their learning – and there is certainly something to be said about refitting a violin string remotely through video chat!

Year 2s have explored and learnt about their open strings playing pizzicato and are now being introduced to playing music by making different notes by placing their left-hand fingers onto the fingerboard. With original music created over cool backing tracks and the highly invested and enthusiastic string team involved, Year 2 students will undoubtedly continue to learn and thrive through this unique experience. Many thanks to Zac Johnston for spearheading this program with the invaluable expertise and support of Jieun Lee, Shinduk Kwoun, Emily Cameron and Silvio Stefan.

Beginner Band
In February this year, we had quite a buzz as a large and lively group of students attended the try-out afternoon for Beginner Band. Just as everything was about to begin, onsite learning ceased. Bouncing back from this, it is to the credit of Jason Digby and his team of instrumental teachers that Beginner Band has commenced. Similar to the strings program, students recently collected their instruments and materials and begun the joy of learning a wind or brass instrument, remotely. Students receive their instrumental lesson by a video conferencing session, and, to quote Mr Digby's recent message:

‘Bravo students on your progress so far. As you build the technical beginnings playing your new instrument, you will encounter an occasional difficulty. Sometimes you will work through a difficulty quickly, and sometimes it will take you a little more time. That’s absolutely normal for everyone learning a new instrument and could even be a bit more difficult while we have remote tuition. Be patient with yourselves and keep up the five practise sessions a week.’

I would like to add my hearty commendation to all students in Beginner Band and their teachers - I look forward to hearing you all play in the near future.

Timothy Barker
Head of Junior School Music


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