7 March 2024

Being the change through leadership

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Being the change through leadership
Being the change through leadership
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‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ – Gandhi

Leadership goes beyond the title or position given to some of our oldest students; it is a mindset which involves inspiring others. A leader is someone who leads by example, is an active listener and encourages others to be their best.

At Carey, we can see leadership in action everyday. It’s the House Captains leading assemblies, the School Council representatives chairing class meetings, the children cheering on their House with all their might or the child following their passion. Through co-curricular activities, classroom initiatives and interactions in unstructured times, there are ample opportunities for Carey students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills. All people can be leaders in their life and their community, and each will lead uniquely.

Leadership often means taking that first step, even if it feels risky. Mr Wilson often talks to the students about the ‘first follower’. A leader’s job is to inspire change, and being the first follower is the trigger for that change. Leaders are not solo practitioners, their first follower is the key to turning an idea into a movement and leaders need to recognise those who have the courage to join and support their vision.

Empowering students to become leaders starts with providing them with opportunities. The Year 6s at the Junior Schools have recently been involved in a leadership course, delivered by an external facilitator. The students were given the opportunity to explore, practise, think about and learn about what leadership is. They were introduced to the notion that there are three layers of leadership – ‘leadership of self’, ‘leadership with others’ and ‘leadership as service’. These aspects of leadership develop communications skills, problem-solving abilities and emotional intelligence, fostering a culture of respect and care and allowing the students to grow and flourish.

Encouraging children to take on more responsibility, solve problems independently and advocate for what they believe in plays a crucial role in nurturing leadership qualities. Leadership is not reserved for the select few; it’s a journey that every student can embark on.

Sophie Fisher
Deputy Head of Junior School Donvale – Student Wellbeing


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