13 October 2021

Chaplain’s Corner – Junior Schools

Chaplain’s Corner – Junior Schools
Chaplain’s Corner – Junior Schools
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At this time in Melbourne, as plans are being put in place for the gradual reopening and return to school and our new COVID-normal life, many people are turning their mind and attention to the age-old question, 'what is next for me?'

Children, teens and adults alike are looking beyond the everyday to the future with uncertainty. Not knowing what the future holds or even may look like causes many people stress and anxiety. Earlier this week, I was reminded of the story of the coal miner who took his son deep underground where he worked. He left his son and gave him instructions to wait in a lit space until he returned. But while the son was waiting for his father’s return, the light failed, and he was plunged into darkness. He screamed to his father. From further down the tunnel, he heard his father calling back to him with instructions to begin walking towards him. The boy protested; he couldn't see a thing! The father calmly called, 'have you a light on your helmet?' The boy replied that yes, he did, but it only provided enough light for one step ahead. 'Well, take that step!' the father called out. The boy took the step. Then called out again, 'now what do I do?' His father said, 'How much light can you see now?' The boy replied, 'only about a step!' Back came the instruction, well then, take that step! There was enough light for one step at a time. And as the boy continued to take one step at a time, following his father's soothing advice, he finally reached the safety of his father.

We would all love to see the road ahead for us. We want to see the map and know the quickest, easiest way to get there. But that isn't always possible. God promises to light our way, one step at a time. We in turn, need to trust His voice and take that step in the light, following His guidance.

One verse my mother used to quote to me during my frantic teenage years of being unsettled with the lack of clarity for the future is Psalm 37:3–4:

‘Trust in The Lord with all your heart. Delight yourself in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart.’

Janine de Paiva
Junior School Chaplain


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