29 April 2024

How Students Benefit from Co-Education

How Students Benefit from Co-Education
How Students Benefit from Co-Education
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Choosing a school for your child is always a tough decision. You want to do right by them, weighing pros and cons and considering the factors unique to your child’s personality. Will they thrive in a school with a lively sports and outdoor education program? Will a state-of-the-art library and literature program encourage their passions? The requirements and right choice will look different for everyone.

If you’ve been researching secondary private schools, you’ve probably already encountered the biggest conundrum: whether to choose a single-sex or co-educational school.

While both have benefits, co-education is a fundamental element of Carey Baptist Grammar School’s philosophy. Our co-educational model is one of the many factors that set us apart, enhancing the school experience and creating better learners. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of co-education so that you can make an informed choice for your child.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

One of the key tenets of our educational philosophy is that children should grow up without the constraints of gender stereotypes.

Co-educational private high schools are focussed on levelling the playing field for all students. At Carey, our co-educational model offers a much broader program to all students based on their interests rather than their gender. We’re able to practise what we preach, promoting gender equality within the school by encouraging all students to follow their passions. We teach students that they can do anything they put their minds to – which is always easier when they’re surrounded by a diverse range of people who share their interests.

Our world isn’t segregated by gender, and neither is our school. Carey’s curriculum allows our students to see boys and girls succeeding in all subjects, with role models from different genders.

Inclusivity & Respect

Growing an inclusive society starts in the classroom. Australia’s culture is becoming more and more socially cohesive; to keep up with the times, it’s important that our children learn from an early age to reject polarity and division. With this in mind, Carey’s co-educational model intentionally exposes students to a wider range of experiences. Students are encouraged to share and debate their ideas in a healthy environment, teaching them both empathy and listening skills. This adds an essential richness to their learning, as the presence of different genders provides perspectives students might not have considered otherwise

Respect also plays an important role in our culture and curriculum. It’s our mission to develop resilient and compassionate young people who have an inherent respect for those of other genders.

Our focus on respect includes teaching students about consent. We begin this education in an age-appropriate way from the very start of their learning journey. We cover important topics like understanding boundaries and how to treat one another – and thanks to our co-educational model, students are able to practise this every day. We believe that by developing respect in the classroom, schoolyard and sports field, students are better able to form functional relationships outside of school.

Preparing Students for the Real World

As we’ve discussed, the real world is not segregated. When students leave school, they’ll be attending co-educational universities or joining workplaces with colleagues of all ages, genders and backgrounds. Leaving the safety net of school is stressful enough without the added difficulty of working with other genders for the first time. Carey gives students the best chance of easily transitioning into the workforce, as our co-educational model reflects life outside the classroom.

By growing up around boys and girls, students are comfortable interacting with different genders from an early age. That’s why we start with co-education from the very beginning. Unlike some private junior schools, both of our independent primary school campuses are co-educational. We find that many children bond with students of another gender in junior school and maintain these friendships throughout their time at Carey.

Teaching the Student, Not the Gender

It would be very simple to believe that all girls learn one way and all boys learn another – but our educators just don’t find this to be the case. At Carey we believe there are a multitude of ways to define a learner, and their gender is just one of them.

By considering each student as a unique individual with their own needs, we can craft a personalised approach to teaching your child. We take their strengths, interests, interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate and communicate into account. We’ll work with them to find their ideal ways of learning and help them find joy in the subjects they’re passionate about.

At Carey, your child is more than a number, more than their gender, and is respected for their unique skills and talents.

Contact Carey Today

If you’d like to experience the difference co-education at Carey can make for your child, reach out to us today. We encourage parents to book a tour of the school to discover Carey for themselves, but you can also apply online or learn more about the application process in the enrolment section of our website. Contact Carey today to find out more.


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