11 April 2024

How Carey’s Middle School Program Supports the Whole Child Journey

How Carey’s Middle School Program Supports the Whole Child Journey
How Carey’s Middle School Program Supports the Whole Child Journey
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You know your child better than anyone. You know what they love, what they struggle with – and you know they’re not like anyone else. Carey Baptist Grammar School understands this, too.

We approach education holistically through the ‘Whole Child Journey’. We believe every student is unique and has an inherent drive to learn, as long as we provide varied experiences and support. It’s just one of the many reasons Carey is considered one of the best secondary schools in Melbourne.

Our Middle School program is made to help students explore, discover and develop into the motivated young people we know they can be. In this article, we’ll illustrate just a few of the ways in which the program nurtures all the different needs of your child.

Starting Strong

Middle School at Carey is years 7 to 9. We believe that a comfortable transition into high school gives students the best chance of beginning their secondary education with confidence and a sense of belonging.

It’s an exciting time, but also one that students can find stressful – from new friends to new subjects, it’s a lot for them to take on.

Plus, not every student will have previously attended one of the co-ed private schools in Melbourne, and might find moving to a bigger campus daunting. That’s why we begin the transition in Year 6, helping to make a big school feel small.

We arrange for students transferring to Middle School to be visited in their primary schools by a staff member and one or two current Year 8 students. We do this in the hopes that by the time the first day of school arrives, the new students will already feel part of the Middle School.

Carey Kew and Donvale Junior School students combine to attend the Middle School campus in Kew, along with around 100 students from other schools. We deliberately blend the Year 7 classes with students from all schools, to encourage students to meet and make friends with new people.

Finding Their Passion

From the first day of Year 7 right through to the last day of Year 9, our Middle School program aims to give students a solid foundation through core subjects. As part of the curriculum, Middle School students undertake classes in core subjects like English, Maths, Languages, History and more. Through these essential subjects, we teach students how to learn, while also providing them with the educational background they’ll need to take on more specific subjects later. Our Middle School campus features spaces that inspire passion for core subjects, from cutting-edge science facilities and collaborative areas to libraries that help cut through the online noise.

As part of this foundational learning, we also offer creative, interactive subjects like PE, Drama, Music and Art. We find that these subjects help students find their passion, guiding them towards fulfilling electives and future careers. At Carey, we believe that creativity is an integral part of the learning process, and has just as much value as STEM.

Incredible Electives & Co-Curricular Activities

Beyond the essentials, we foster a lifelong love of learning through exciting elective subjects and co-curricular activities

Our aim is that when a student looks at their timetable, they see a class they’re excited to participate in every day.

We’re proud to offer 38 different elective subjects, ensuring that there’s something inspiring and invigorating for every student – no matter their interests. In both Years 8 and 9, students participate in two core enrichment subjects and four elective subjects.

The enrichment subjects help them to deepen their passion for English, Maths and more, while electives like Food Studies or Design give them something new to explore.

Students who love the performing arts have a whole host of electives to try, from Theatre and Playmaking to Debate and Drama. Art lovers can try their hand at new mediums, like Metalwork, Woodworking, Fine Art and more.

We also offer immersive experiences and annual school camps, getting students out of their usual environment and exposing them to new concepts and activities. You never know where they’ll find their passion; it might be on a hike, or even during a model human rights convention.

Promoting Physical Wellbeing

As a co-educational independent school, we have a strong emphasis on gender equality. This is seen most plainly in our Physical Education program.

We aim to break down gender stereotypes by giving all of our students access to what they’re interested in.

Students at Carey who love sports are encouraged to join teams and clubs and choose PE-focused elective subjects. While we offer all the standard sports, our electives let students broaden their skills and try new sports and activities like fencing, 3x3 basketball, bike fitness, gym club and more.

Plus, our exceptional facilities make sport even more fun. The Carey Bulleen Sports Complex is a 14-acre property with extensive outdoor spaces, indoor pools and an indoor stadium. Our seven outdoor playing fields give students space to play rugby, cricket, softball and more, while our indoor netball and basketball courts make winter sports a little more enticing.

We believe being active, moving your body, and working in a team are essential to learning and growing. Sport encourages leadership and strategic thinking while promoting a student’s physical wellbeing. Carey’s Middle School program helps your child find the sport that suits them best and celebrates the students who love sport.

Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing

We care about more than just your child’s sporting prowess or academic success. While grades are important, Carey believes a student's mental wellbeing is a priority. Treating each student as an individual with specific needs, our student wellbeing program provides the support they need to flourish.

With an exceptional House system, students join a community that will stay with them throughout their time at Carey. We have 10 Houses, which ensures that each House is tight-knit, offering better opportunities for connectedness

Students also have a dedicated House Mentor who guides a small group, following their learning journey throughout Middle School. The Mentor offers support for both their mental and academic wellbeing, acting as a trusted staff member they can feel comfortable going to if they need help.

Contact Carey to Find Out More

We believe that happy students are more engaged students – and we know that the better engaged each child is, the more they will get out of their education. Through stimulating core subjects, exciting electives and focussing on physical and mental wellbeing, we ensure school is an enjoyable place to spend each day.

With so much on offer, our Middle School program ensures that your child will find their passion. Whether they’re a budding actor, a future scientist, or a champion athlete, Carey will bring out their best. Contact us today to learn more, enrol online or book a tour to see it yourself.


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