30 May 2024

ISV Lead Survey: what we’re doing well and opportunities for growth

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ISV Lead Survey: what we’re doing well and opportunities for growth
ISV Lead Survey: what we’re doing well and opportunities for growth
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We would like to express our gratitude to the entire school community for their active participation in the satisfaction surveys conducted by Independent Schools Victoria in August of 2023. Your insightful feedback has played a pivotal role in guiding the continuous refinement of Carey's educational journey. Acknowledging Carey's commitment to inclusivity and diversity, we value the range of perspectives reflected in this survey.

The primary objective of the lead survey was to garner insights into your perceptions of the quality of your experience at Carey, and we thank you for the time you took to respond to the survey. Approximately 71% of students, 35% of exiting students and 17% of parent community participated, providing us with a comprehensive overview of sentiments within the community.

Overall, the feedback was positive and consistently surpassed the ISV mean in many aspects, signifying areas of strength and achievement for Carey and reflecting our collective dedication to excellence in education. However, it also illuminated areas where improvement is warranted, guiding our commitment to continual enhancement.

Here are some key highlights from the survey:

Parent Survey

  • The likelihood of recommending the School to others reflected very positively.
  • Carey's resources were lauded, particularly acknowledging the advancements made through the building program over the past decade.
  • The breadth of educational and co-curricular offerings was appreciated.
  • There is a consensus that Carey could improve in its recognition and celebration of both school-wide and individual achievements.

Student Survey

  • Students generally feel supported and appropriately challenged to succeed within the school environment.
  • Confidence in transitioning to the next academic year or stage of schooling was reported.
  • Year 10 and 11 students felt adequately informed about their future pathways post-graduation; however, overall satisfaction during the adolescent years was less pronounced.

Year 12 Exit Student Survey

  • Exiting students expressed satisfaction with the academic challenges and support they received.
  • Opportunities for involvement in community and co-curricular activities were well-regarded.
  • While the career education program received positive feedback, there is room for improvement in valuing and celebrating holistic student achievement beyond academic performance.

The feedback gathered from the surveys is invaluable in shaping our strategies for enhancing the educational experience at Carey. We are committed to addressing areas highlighted for improvement and are actively collaborating with school sections to implement meaningful solutions.

Notable initiatives currently underway or recently completed include:

  • an extensive review of the uniform policy, resulting in new options to better meet student needs
  • implementation of a revised timetable in Middle and Senior School, aimed at addressing concerns regarding the busyness of the school day and optimising resource utilisation during breaks
  • encouragement of student involvement in committees such as the environmental committee and the canteen committee, resulting in tangible improvements in sustainability practices across campuses
  • crafting a Reconciliation Plan to embrace diversity and reaffirm our dedication to reconciliation, including the forthcoming release of our Reconciliation Action Plan slated for midyear, which will describe Carey's tailored initiatives and actions in support of First Nations Peoples
  • continued efforts by Middle and Senior School executive teams to celebrate student achievements through various platforms and activities.
  • a focus in the Junior and Middle years to remove the distraction of mobile phones creating a safer and more supportive learning environment for all.

Furthermore, our partnership with the New Metrics program at the University of Melbourne continues to inform our approach to measuring and celebrating the holistic development of students through the complex competencies framework.

As we embrace these opportunities for growth, we once again extend our appreciation to the entire Carey community for their participation and commitment to the School's ongoing success. Your feedback serves as the cornerstone of our continuous improvement journey.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal – Learning


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