17 August 2023

Chaplain's Corner

Chaplain's Corner
Chaplain's Corner
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At Assembly last Friday, I asked the Junior School students what they thought Galatians 6:10 meant when it said, ‘Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people’.

The response was as you would expect, with varying suggestions summarised by the words care and respect. This passage can be related to actions and words, but my focus at the time was on words of encouragement and taking every opportunity to speak words that build people up, and giving extra to those that perhaps don’t hear as many positives in their day. As a community we all witnessed the swelling sense of pride and self-esteem in individuals as they were acknowledged publicly for their growth and development in different areas.

Words though are only the beginning of taking every opportunity to do good. We want our students to grow in this area of looking out and knowing what is within their capacity to influence for good for all people.

Last week as I was showing a swag to our three- and four-year-old ELC students during Homelessness Week, I was struck by their capacity to do good for others. As we spoke about how lucky we are to have homes and warm beds to sleep in, we realised that meant we are able to help others who don’t have a home. Our ELC PJ day increases empathy and raises the awareness that having such privileged lives means we have the capacity to do good for others.


Doing good for all people can be in the way we use the land on which we work, learn and play. Experiencing Bush Kinder with the ELC at Donvale this week was delightful and grounding. Playing with the children outdoors within nature and with only what nature provided was beautiful. Respectfully appreciating the space and leaving it for others has deep meaning that the children are embracing.

These are just some simple examples and a simple thought, from an ancient text. It could be the springboard from which amazing things could happen. In amongst our busy days here at school, in all sorts of ways, we are building into our students the understanding that they have the opportunity and capacity to make a difference. ‘…as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.’ Galatians 6:10

Rebecca Gaskell
Junior School Chaplain


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