Music Notes - Junior School Kew

The musical year has begun particularly well, with ensemble rehearsals resuming and many eager young faces arriving each morning to learn new music. It has been particularly pleasing to see so many of our new Year 5 students joining our groups and already engaged in making music with others here at Carey Junior School.

Commencement Service
Congratulations to our Bel Canto choir and their director, Mrs Collins, for their fine performance at the recent Commencement Service at St Paul’s Cathedral. The beautiful singing of Bel Canto certainly set the tone for the service, and I am sure that Bel Canto members were thrilled to sing in such a magnificent venue as St Paul’s with its beautiful acoustics.

Training Band
Year 4 and 5 students have been invited to participate in the Training Band program. This program is aimed specifically towards students who have yet to find their ‘musical friend’. A broad range of instruments from Flute to Tuba are offered in a fee-free environment for a semester. Our official tryouts take place tomorrow, Friday 22 February and we look forward to many students attending, creating a wonderful cacophony of sound as they try each instrument. Those who are involved in trying each instrument are encouraged to complete the registration process so the program can commence as soon as possible.

Instrumental Lessons and Ensembles
If you have any queries regarding instrumental lessons and ensembles, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Timothy Barker
Head of Junior School Music