A highlight from the Literature Festival

Award-winning author Mark Brandi helped us launch our literature festival on Tuesday 4 June with an audience of about 70 people from across the Carey community. This event provided us with a wonderful opportunity to hear from a relatively new and successful writer who is passionate about story.

Mark shared with us his gratitude for a teacher who saw his potential as a writer and sent him off on a writing camp when he was in Year 6. He also shared some interesting and important tips about writing fiction. He told us how vital it is to listen to and observe those around us to help us create our characters and narratives. Mark was greatly influenced by his father, who always demonstrated an openness and acceptance of all the people who walked into his pub. He attributes his father’s personability for his ability to take people as they are and then create characters on the page. Mark also had interesting things to say about contemporary issues, which come through in his novels, leaving a lasting impression.

Marg Moran
Acting Head of CLI Library

Image (L–R): Deputy Principal, Ms Leanne Guillon; Prinicpal, Mr Philip Grutzner; guest author Mark Brandi; Chair of the Board, Ms Jane Simon.